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Most licences expire after a certain period of time in most countries and require to be renewed by the individual, they are not attached to your job/employment/employer.

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There isn't a 'forklift license' in the US. Some companies may issue a forklift certification which potentially could expire.

Depends which country you are in.

Yes, forklift licence must be renewed every 5 years.

yes it does. you have to renew it every once and a while

If you were born in an even numbered year, your license will expire on your birthday in an even numbered year. If you were born in an odd numbered year, your license will expire on your birthday in an odd numbered year.

You can get the information about renewing license after expire from and websites

In the state of Alabama you have 60 days after they expire.

Ohio License plates don't expire, instead it is the registration that expires. You will have to apply a new tag to the plates every year.

License plates expire on the date that is on the stick that the DMV sends you. It is important to get new license plates before that date, so you do not get pulled over for having expired tags.

Same date as the individual's state driver's license

it will take 3 years before it will expire. Thanks, Your 118 Team!

It does not expire for a Playstation Account

The tags on license plates expire at the end of the month. Many states allow people to renew tags online or by mail.

The license was extended an additional year due to the NFL lockout. The license expires at the end of 2013

Wait for the Ohio suspension period to expire.

Even if they do not expire why would you want too keep the temporary license once you have the permanent one?Yes.

This information is always posted somewhere on the license itself. The time varies for the type of license you have, the age of the holder of the license, the particular State you live in, etc.

The license is executed and returned to the clerk. They will then issue a certificate of marriage.

No, it could not expire but it can get it suspended if you do something bad/wrong

Typically a UK photocard driving licence will expire after ten years however there are various exceptions and anomalies to the rule.

You simply renew the passport and driver's license for when they expire to be able to use them again with validity.

No, if your license is revoked, it is permanently canceled and you cannot legally get a new license until you fulfill the legal requirements to be reinstated.

OSHA requires retraining every three years. Therefore, a General Forklift Certification is valid for 3 years. Our program changes the status of a Certified OPERATOR from "Certified" to "Certification Expired" after 3 years. The Training Administrator must then purchase another subscription for General Forklift Training, assign it to that person, then have the person take the training to again become certified. An email notification of this change of status is sent to the Training Administrator 30 days prior to expiration. one year