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Q: Does georgetown university retire athletic numbers?
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What age can you retire as an athletic trainer?

i think its around 45- 50

How many numbers did the Brooklyn Dodgers retire?

10 retired numbers 1,2,4,19,20,24,32,39,42 and 53

How many numbers have the Dallas Cowboys retired?

They haven't retired any numbers, Dallas doesn't retire numbers

Do Serie A teams retire numbers?

yes for special players

What was the first major league baseball team to retire uniform numbers?

The New York Yankee baseball team was the first one to retire the numbers of their great players after they retired.

Who did the University of Iowa retire the number 40 basketball jersey for?

Chris Street

How many numbers have the Oakland Raiders retired?

The Oakland Raiders are one of the few teams that do not retire jersey numbers.

What can be expected when members of the baby boom generation begin to retire in large numbers?

increased deficits

How many numbers did the Boston Braves retire?

Despite having 34 players in the Hall of Fame no Boston Brave uniform numbers have been retired

Why do sport teams retire numbers?

I'm a baseball umpire and I understand we retire numbers to show respect for our fallen fellows and that no further greatness can be attributed to that number without the original player taking credit. No one will fill his/her shoes again. Hope that helps a little.gmg

What did Albert Einstein do during his retirement?

Einstein didn't retire. He died with equations in his hand working at Princeton university

What Major League baseball team was the first to retire former players' numbers?

The New York Yankees were the first Major League team to retire a players number.Lou Gehrig was the first player and the #4 was the first number.

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