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Does glass make sand?

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How the....? Sand plus lightning makes glass. I don't know if thats the only way, but I know it does.

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sand makes glass and glass make sand its a reverse psychology :) can make glass from sand, limestone and soda

make glass (fire and sand)

When lighting strikes sand, it turns into glass.

when you make glass sand is used to make security glass iron filaments are added in with the grains of sand

Beach sand or glass that is crushed like sand.

Yes. People make glass by applying fire to sand.

If you make the sand into glass first, yes.

Sand+Fire=Glass Have a nice day :D

Both glass and concrete contain sand. Sand is melted to make glass. It is mixed with aggregate (gravel) portland cement and water to make concrete.

no, sand is heated to make glass :) youtwat.^.^

How to make Glass:Fire + Sand = GlassFire:STARTERSand:Stone + Air = SandAir=STARTERStone:Air + Lava = StoneAir:(see bolded part above)Lava:Fire + Earth = LavaFire:STARTEREarth:STARTERAlso after you make glass you can make:Glasses:Metal + Glass = GlassesGlasses + Sun = Sun GlassesGlasses + Human = NerdGlass + Electricity = LightbulbPlant + Glass = GlasshouseSand + Glass = Hourglass

sand is grinded and then heated and left to moult into glass

Glass is made out of sand and intense heat

you get glass from sand and they compact it then use special chemicals to make it clear

To make Glass Blocks, you dig up sand and smelt it in a furnace.

glass gets hot because it is made out of sand and the sand gets hot when it is in the sun right? so since glass is basically sand therefore the heat will make the glass hot

Yes, if lightning strikes sand (as on a beach), the intense heat of the lightning strike can fuse the sand into glass.

sand + glass = hourglass

Cook sand inside of a furnace. Sand not Sandstone.

When sand is heated to 1'700 degrees Celsius it melts. The molecular structure of sand changes during the heating and subsequent cooling and becomes glass.

aluminum can: mineraux/ metaux glass bottle: sand=glass so sand and metal cap

very crudely, yes. It does however depend on what the sand is made of.

Glass is made out of sand Glass is made of sand.

sand + glass to make the hourglass

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