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No. Halo will never come to the Wii or the PlayStation 3. Microsoft owns the publishing rights for Halo, which means that the Xbox 360 is the sole console Halo exists on.


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Actually, since they wont come out with a halo 4... No.

There is no halo for the Wii as Halo is owned by Microsoft and Wii is Nintendo

yes you can i saw it at gamestop store.

There are currently no halo wii games.

well probally not for 2-3 years because bungie does not own halo anymore E43 productions does and no halo is a xbox platform

None of the halo games are on wii. Only xbox and as of halo 3 xbox 360

It is not likely to come to the Wii as the Halo franchise is currently owned by Microsoft and I'm sure they don't plan on sharing their biggest exclusive franchise with the competition.

Halo is not available for purchase on the Wii. Programmers however have been able to make emulators which play on the Wii and host the original Halo game.

No, bungie might decide to make a halo for the ps3 but definitely not on the wii.

No, Halo is a Microsoft owned game title and will remain as such. It doesn't matter if Bungie or 343 Industries produces the game.

no there are no halo games for the Wii. halo games are only on the XBox (halo 1-3, wars, odst, and reach) and PC (halo 1 and 2).

you can't get it for the wii because halo is for Microsoft consoles and the wii is Nintendo

No, halo is only for xbox

No, halo is only on Xbox.

Halo is NOT for Wii. Halo is ONLY for the Xbox. The reason Halo is only for the Xbox is because the Xbox company made the game Halo. If you want the game Halo you will have to get an Xbox if you don't have one.

no nothing like halo bu there is call of duty but i am not a fan of he wii

No The Halo Series Is Only On Xbox or Xbox360 but itd be cool on the wii

Halo: Reach has not, is not, and will not be on the Nintendo Wii. The Halo franchise is owned by Microsoft, and therefore will never be on any other console but Microsofts.

no with the wii you can only play wii and Gamecube games

NO,!! It's an exclusive Game for Xbox only it well never come out on another gaming console.

none. halo is owned by Microsoft and the wii is owend by Nintendo so they don't cross

Dude did you hit your head, there is no halo reach for wii.

No. There is no Lego Halo, only Megablocks Halo Universe sets.

No Halo Games are only made on Xbox-XBox360 so it will never be on wii and if they do i wont play it!

No it will probly never ever come out for wii and other systems that SONY does not own. it like saying will Mario kart come out for the ps3?No because NINTENDO made it and will use it on their product only.and like HALO coming out for Wii and for PS3

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