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I personally, think he does. But he may just have a flirtatious nature (like most men). If you like him to, let it show! (not to much) it will make it eaiser for him to as they would like to call it "pull the trigger" He is probally just nereous, just relax. I hope this helped. For the non-stop touching, tell him to lay off on that you have a small box, he needs to use it.

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How can you get your inside cat and your outside cat to get along?

You could slowly introduce them and over time bring them togetherbut for now just seeing each other through glass or what not could probably work.

What is the comparative and superlative for confusing?

comparative more confusing, superlative most confusing

Is mass confusing?

mass is confusing

Was confusing - is it past or present?

'was confusing' is past continuous'is confusing' is present simple continuous'is going to be confusing' is future continuous

What is the comparative form of confusing?

More confusing

Why is life confusing?

because you tell your self its confusing tell your self you love life and that i will get through it and it want be confusing and talk to people about life and why its so confusing to you!

Can you give me example of confusing in a sentence?

Here are some sentences.That is a confusing argument.Stop confusing me with your lies.

What does confusing mean?

Confusing means "difficult to understand".

What is the most confusing question on

opposite of most confusing

How do you spell confusing?

That is the correct spelling of "confusing" (bewildering, unclear).

Why are men confusing?

Easy, they are only confusing because they try to be cool. Most of the time they are confusing because their friends tell them to be!

What is the noun of confusing?

The word 'confusing' is the present participle of the verb to confuse (confuses, confusing, confused).The noun form for the verb to confuse are confusability, confusion, and the gerund (present participle of the verb), confusing.

Is life confusing?

Yes and the longer you live the more confusing it gets

Do you say 'which is confusing 'TO' or 'FOR' the reader?

Which is confusing to the reader

What is the opposite of confusing?

The opposite of the adjective confusing would be clear, straightforward, or understandable.The opposite of the act of confusing (someone) would be clarifying or enlightening.

What did you find confusing in the book of Leviticus?

How confusing to the world is it when a guy covered with tattoos.

Why are girls confusing?

Girls can be confusing for many reasons. 1) The girl may not be aware that she is confusing you 2) The girl may not know what she wants JUST TALK TO THE GIRL AND CLARIFY THINGS, that's what I would want a guy that I am confusing to do

What did you find confusing in the book of Exodus?

There is nothing confusing about the book of Exodus. This is a story from the Bible.

Was the book Where the Red Fern Grows confusing?

No,the book where the red fern grows is not confusing

Does ridiculous mean complicated or confusing?

No, it means silly or hilarious. Intricate means complicated or confusing.

Why is lead so confusing?

Because lead is what is used in pencils and LED is a type of light. How confusing!

Why are idioms confusing?

One reason why some idioms are confusing because the way the sentences are worded

Why is Lord of the Flies so confusing?

Well, isn't it better if it's confusing for a while? actually, i think it's pretty confusing also. It actually has to do PARTIALLY with symbolism and politics and with savagery.

Why are copyright laws confusing?

Copyright laws are confusing to people who have not had the precise training to understand the legal process.

Who should teach?