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It all depends on your policy first of all...however your home insurance would cover it if your house fell on your car, aqnd ruined something inside of it...or say something more likely like a tree in your yard falls on your car, it would be covered if you could prove that the damage was post-accident.

AnswerIf you have a personal property extension, which I believe is pretty standard on homeowner's policies, your personal property should be covered no matter where it is - in your vehicle, on vacation in your motel room, on a moving van, or while loaned to your neighbor. But, as always, ask your agent. He has read your policy and I haven't.


If you live in Ontario your home insurance will cover contents anywhere in the world, there are restrictions tho. on what and how much. If its under a personal article floater its covered up to the purchuse or appreased amount. if its a laptop for instance, it only has a limit of i believe $2000 and it has no deducatable as well. So good. But its a claim under ur home insurance, might make ur insurance go up.

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Q: Does home insurance cover car contents?
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Does car insurance cover personal contents?

Car insurance normally does not cover personal content that is not attached to the car. Your car stereo is covered (if it is installed) your iPod is not, nor are your CD's etc... They would however be covered on your home owners insurance, even while in your car. Well not 100%... if you live in Ontario and you get into a NOT AT Fault accident then your contents will be covered under DCPD. other then that no.. home insurance.

What insurance products does Castle Cover offer?

Castle Cover offers insurance products for both the home itself and the contents of it. They also offer travel insurance and medical insurance as well as car insurance.

Does car insurance cover things stolen from inside?

Generally speaking car insurance companies do not cover the contents of your vehicle unless this coverage is specially added to your policy. In some cases, your homeowner's policy will cover the contents of your car.

If driving a car with no insurance will home owners insurance cover you?

Not in the UK. It is probably the same elsewhere in the world Home insurance will cover your legal liability, but not while driving a auto. Hence auto insurance. the best u can get out of ur home insurance is maybe ur contents in an auto accident.

Does diamond car insurance cover the loss of jewelry?

No, diamond car insurance don't cover the loss of jewerly. They cover different kind of insurance like car insurance, home insurance and travel insurance.

What would Esure Insurance cover?

Esure insurance offers four different types of insurance - Home, Travel, Pet and Car. Home insurance is normally building and or contents, travel insurance covers medical costs abroad, pet insurance covers vets fees and medications, and car insurance covers your car repairs in the event of an accident.

Does home owners insurance cover car running over animal?

No, Your Homeowners Insurance covers your Home. Your car Insurance covers you vehicle.

Does home insurance cover if a tree l damage a vistor car?

No homeowners insurance does not cover vehicles, that's what auto insurance is for.

Does homeowners cover a building falling over on a car?

Your Home Insurance Policy may cover the building if you have additional structures coverage but it will not cover the car. That's what Auto Insurance is for.

Will homeowners insurance cover contents stolen out of a car?

You need to read your home policy or just call your agent. It depends on what was stolen and how much. Your home policy typically covers up to a certain limit on your home policy.

Will renters insurance pay if a car is hit on property?

No, Renters insurance is coverage specific to household property or contents owned by the named insured. It does not cover the property of others and it does not cover automobiles. Neither Renters insurance nor Homeowners insurance will cover damage to an automobile. That's what auto Insurance is for.

If a car hits a pole on your property does your homeowners insurance cover the vehicle damage?

No, That's what Auto Insurance s for. Now if your home fell on the car it might cover it.

If I have property stolen from a friends car should their home owners cover the loss or mine?

Neither homeowner's insurance will probably cover property stolen from a car. Homeowner's insurance usually only covers stuff stolen from your home. However, the automobile insurance policy might cover it.

Will homeowners insurance cover damage to the neigborh house by your car?

No. You homeowners insurance specifically excludes motorized vehicles. You auto insurance will cover damage you did to their home with your car. Your homeowners is not designed to cover damage you do with your vehicle under any circumstances.

How many people are currently insured with AA Insurance?

AA Insurance located out of New Zealand insures literally thousands of people. AA Insurance offers a variety of types of Insurance. They offer Car, Motorcycle, Vintage Car, Travel, Home and Contents of your Home Insurance.

Will Car insurance cover theft of camera?

It depends on your insurance. It may also be covered by renters or home owner insurance.

Does your auto insurance cover damage to neighbors car by shingles?

Your car insurance does not cover damage to another persons car that was caused by your home via weather or unforeseen circumstances. Their own insurance should cover the damage dealt to their car, assuming they have more than just liability coverage. If not, then it is their problem to fix their car.

Will your flood insurance cover your car in the driveway?

No, Flood insurance will not cover your Automobile. Your Comprehensive Auto Insurance will cover flood damage to your Car.

Will your renter insurance cover when there was a damage in parking lot with your vehicle?

Of course not. Auto insurance has to cover your car and home insurance covers your home. Damage to you car is always covered under an auto policy. It is specifically excluded under your homeowner's rental policy.

Which companies offer discounts on car and home insurance for the over 50's?

There are many companies that offer discounts on car and home insurance for the over 50's. Examples include Aviva Home Insurance, Co-operative Insurance and Castle Cover.

Will homeowners insurance cover car that caught on fire in driveway?

I think your car insurance will cover that.

Will homeowners insurance cover damage to a car damaged at your home?

It depends on the situation but mostly the car insurance comprehensive coverage would cover any damage done in a non-moving accident.

What insurance services are provided by the Nationwide Building Society?

The Nationwide Building Society offers insurance for the home (buildings and contents), the car, travel, landlord insurance and life & lifestyle insurance.

What kinds of insurance does Personal Umbrella Insurance cover?

Personal Umbrella Insurance covers what your regular insurance doesn't. The most common types are car and home insurance.

Does my insurance cover a friend driving my car?

yes because if you have insurance on your car as long as you name is on the title and you were in the car with your friend most likely the insurance will cover it