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Does home owners insurance cover carpenter bee damage?


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Insect infestations are generally not covered by homeowners insurance as it is considered a homeowners normal and expected pest control and maintenance routine.

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Depends on the specific insurance and the type of structural damage. The question is to vague to be answered adequately here.

Of course NOT. Homeowners Insurance does not cover auto accidents. That's what Auto Insurance is for.

The property is covered by the owners insurance only. If your trailer hit their property, their own insurance must cover it. If your trailer hits your own building, then your insurance will cover it.

Yes, home owners insurance will cover the cost of a fallen ceiling. The only time that they will not cover it is if it is due to neglect on your parent of not keep the roof properly maintained on your home and there are signs of damage.

AnswerOnly when that home Insurance Policy has A Flood Insurance Policy Form. Flood Insurance is required before it will pay for Flood related damage.

The home Owners Insurance Policy will cover storm damage so long as it is not an excluded peril.

No, renters insurance is coverage specific to property that belongs to the named insured.If it's a rental property then the property owners insurance would cover storm damage to the roof. If it's just worn out then that would be an owners maintenance issue.

No, Home insurance does not provide coverage for automobiles, it does not matter who the automobile belongs too. That's what auto insurance is for. Damage to an automobile would be covered under the vehicle owners auto insurance policy.

As long as you have collision yes insurance will cover the damage that was done.

Probably not. It should cover any damage done by the break, but not the break itself.

It depends on what caused the damage to the bricks. Did a car run into your brick home, Then the drivers Auto Insurance policy should cover it. Did a storm blow out your bricks, Then your home owners policy would cover it if you have wind storm coverage. If your home is just old and the bricks are crumbling due to age or lack of maintenance, then they may not be covered on your home owners insurance policy. Home owners Insurance, just like auto insurance does not provide coverage for normal wear and tear or for normal maintenence issues.

Insurance will cover whatever damage to your vehicle as long as you have comprehensive insurance. As long as you have a HO-3 insurance, it will cover the replacement cost to your house if you take wind or hail damage as well.

No. Homeowners Insurance does not cover the owners default on a mortgage note.

No. This sounds like a maintenance item and not a covered cause.

No. RVs require their own insurance policies.

No, Your Homeowners Insurance will not cover windstorm damages to your neighbors vehicle because you are not liable for acts of nature. Your neighbors will have to look to their own Comprehensive Auto Insurance to cover windstorm damages to their vehicle.

No, they will not cover it. However, if a gust of wind knocks it down, then they will cover the fence. Insurance does not cover damage caused by insects.

They would not cover the shower, but if the leak was sudden and accidental, they would cover the water damage only. This includes all plumbing appliance.

You will have to call insurance co, to find out what they will cover.

"Flood Insurance" will cover damage resulting from a Flood. Homeowners Insurance will not.

Check your policy for the extended coverages of wind and hail storms. If you have it then yes you will be covered for tornado damage.

yes, unless you dropped it or maliciously or deliberatly caused it damage.

There are lots of jewelry insurance that you can get to put on wedding rings that will cover any damage. You can either get a rider from your home owners insurance or your renter's insurance policy or you can get insurance for a specific piece of jewelry from any insurance company.

Contact your Insurance Agent. he or she should be able to advise you of your coverage. You could also review your policy language and look for the term "Infestations" to determine if you have coverage.

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