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Does homeopathy treat hydrocephalus - which is collection of fluid in the brain - and if so has anyone been treated for this with positive results?


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* Homeopathy is a failed theory of disease, all accredited homeopathic schools closed in the 1940s. The way to treat hydrocephalus is to drain the fluid, a major operation.

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* Homeopathy can be used for many things. The benefit is it can be used for anyone from babies to seniors. There are NO complications from homeopathic remedies sometimes you will try 2-3 before finding a treatment) and the treatments are very effective. With experience, you can treat yourself and family for anything from a cold, fevers to teething and scrapes. For something as severe as Hydrocephalus, seek help from a homeopath for proper help. It's best to seek help from a trained Homeopath especially when you're new to remedies.

* Homeopathy is alive and well in Europe the US and many countries around the world. Schools are NOT closed. In fact many are opening. Check the Internet for schools, hospitals, and the National Center for Homeopathy. Many people want YOU to believe otherwise. * I am treating my husband for hydrocephalus. Yes, there needs to be draining but there are things you CAN do to prevent infection, headaches etc. Please visit a homeopath in your area to help with this question.