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Does homeowner insurance cover buried tree stumps causing a sink hole?


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There is no coverage for land (dirt or soil). The only coverage for trees is if they are felled by wind or lightning and cause damage to a covered structure.

If you just have a tree felled or a stump out in your yard it would not be covered, that's just part of the normal and expected owners maintenance of a home and property.

When a tree falls onto your dwelling or fence, the cause of loss is "wind" and, depending on your specific policy there is usually coverage to pick the tree up off the covered property (roof or fence), cut it up & haul it off. The tree itself is not insured for wind.


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Tree stumps placed underground will decompose over time, as they do so they leave holes where they once were, creating sinkholes. In 1993 an Apartment complex collapsed because it was built over buried tree stumps and a child was killed. It is much better to chip the stump or use a chemical decomposer on them.

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You'll need to read the policy to see if it's covered. You can get coverage for anything but it usually needs to be spelled out specifically in the terms of the policy. Anything not specifically covered is usually NOT covered.

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