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No, Homeowners Insurance does not provide personal injury coverage away from the home. You should file an accidental injury claim with your Health / medical Insurance provider.

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Q: Does homeowners insurance cover personal injury that occurred outside the home?
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Does homeowners insurance cover a water leak from a well to the house. It is outside.?

No, it is just for the house and contents.

Does homeowners insurance cover bodily injury to owner from an accident outside residence?

Homeowners Insurance is "Property" insurance not health insurance, it is not designed to replace medical or health coverage. You would need to review your policy language or contact Insurance Agent to determine if any coverage is available under your property insurance policy.

Does homeowners insurance cover repair for a leaky sewer line?

Inside your home or outside and did you bother to READ your policy?

Homeowners insurance and basement flooding?

If you are filing a homeowners insurance claim because your basement was flooded then be sure to be specific when making the claim because most homeowners do not have flood insurance. If your basement flooded as a result of a broken or leaky pipe or from some other cause from inside the home then you should be fine but if your basement was flooded as a result of an outside source then you may not.

When you purchase homeowners insurance why do they have to take pictures of the house and do they take just the outside or do they do the inside as well?

Insurance agencies take pictures of the outside of your home to document any previous damages. Whether they take pictures of the inside is at their discretion.

Does homeowners insurance cover outside you property?

I'm not exactly sure what you are asking but I will take a shot. If you mean personal property not located on your property then yes, you have coverage of your personal property while you are traveling away from home. Up to 10% of coverage C (personal property) is covered while off premises. I hope this answered your question.

Does homeowners insurance cover plumbing repair to a leaking pipe outside the house?

I have been doing this for 20 yrs. and i have never found a policy that covers anything outside the foundation of the home to be covered.

Your child was injured and loss several of her teeth she will need implants and medical nor dental will pay do or can you file on the homeowners insurance you cannot afford this cost alone?

No,your homeowners will only pay for someone outside of any household residents.

Does homeowners insurance cover water damage from outside the house?

Every policy is different, depending on where you live and what options you selected when you purchased your policy. Your broker can answer your particular question.

What can i do if i left my bicycle in my aunts garage with her ok but then her husband leaves it outside next to the garage with her approval and it gets stolen?

You can report is stolen and hope their homeowners insurance will cover its replacement.

Can your boss refuse to give you health insurance?

In the UK a company has to have certain liability insurance for the public and employees. The type and extent of that insurance would depend on the business itself. No company is required to supply personal health insurance outside of the liabilities of such insurance.

Your well went dry Shouldn't your homeowners insurance pay to get it running?

Very doubtful, the homeowners policy isn't a maintence policy, all losses must be sudden and accidental and a 'named' peril must have caused the loss. Additionally, this issue would probably be determined to be an "Act of God," thus placing the loss outside of insurance coverage.

How to protect your property with homeowners insurance?

You have a home that is filled with furniture, clothes and other belongings. You worked many long years to build up equity in your home. Your home is the biggest investment you will make in your life. How do you protect that investment? If there is a fire and everything you own is lost, what can you do? In order to avoid winding up with nothing, you need to buy homeowners insurance as soon as you buy your home.If you are buying a new home, and you are getting a mortgage, then you have no choice but to buy homeowners insurance. The mortgage company or bank will make you buy homeowners insurance as part of the agreement to lend you money. They don’t want to lend money on a home that could possibly burn down. If your house burns and you have no insurance, then you and the bank would both be on the losing end. The bank can’t stay in business losing money.If you are paying cash for a home, you should still buy homeowners insurance. Once you know you are going to close on your home, get in touch with an insurance agent. If the company you deal with for car insurance also sells homeowners insurance, that is a good place to start. Have them give you an estimate for what the policy will cost. Get at lest two more estimates from other insurance companies.An insurance agent will ride by and look at your home from the outside, and most likely take a few photos of the house. You will have to provide them information on your personal goods and from there a quote will be worked out. Once he gets all the necessary information the agent will come up with the annual cost. There are variables that also come into play, such as how far your house is from the fire department or if there is a fire hydrant close to your home.Any type of insurance is a necessity, but homeowners insurance is the best insurance investment you can make. Buy homeowners insurance and protect your property and you investment. Don’t get caught uninsured

Where Trojan war may have actually occurred?

It occurred outside the city of Troy.

Does Tesco offer insurance outside of the UK?

From what I can tell Tesco does not offer services like home and auto insurance outside of the UK, but traveler's insurance is available to foreigners outside the UK.

Can you submit your own pictures of the inside to buy homeowners insurance?

I don't know of any homeowners insurance carrier that requests an inspection of the interior of the home. We inspect the exterior and take photos of the outside only to submit to the carrier. The main concern of the insurance company is the condition of the roof and the overall maintenance of the property. If a person takes care of the outside of the house and show pride in ownership then the interior normally will show the same attention to maintenance. The exterior also gives us the measurements and therefore the square feet in order to calculate the replacement cost of the home.

Does homeowners cover fences?

A storm damages your fence. Wind-related damage to a fence or another insured structure on your property is typically covered by homeowners insurance whether it's the result of a tornado or just a fierce storm. Once it's safe to go outside, you should take photos of your damaged fence.

Does offer insurance outside of Australia?

"They do not offer insurance outside of Australia, but they do offer insurance to every state and territory in that country. They also offer travel insurance to travelers overseas."

Will homeowners insurance cover a broken water pipe in a yard?

Probibly not, would have to be a rupture to be covered under most policies. If its just old and rusted then no coverage. Some insurance companies will exclude any pipe outside of the house. need more info about policy to asses situation.

Does homeowners insurance cover a redwood deck rotted?

Outside Wood decking rot is likely considered an owners maintenance issue. The deck may be covered though for damage from covered perils under additional structures.

Does renters insurance cover your stuff when outside your house?

There are different types of insurance, may be the insurance cover you are opting doesn't cover your stuff when you are outside the house premises. In that case you should ask your insurance agent to provide that insurance to you.

If an American is in Nigeria with a three year old son does he need an insurance to travel outside of Nigeria?

No. He does not need an insurance to travel outside of Nigeria.

The battle of Chapultepec occurred just outside this city?

Mexico City.

Does homeowners insurance cover underground water pipes?

Each insurance company is different, some i know will cover any pipe underground if its located within the footprint of your home, if its outside the home they may cover if its a specific peril such as rupture, if its just old and breaks then no this you will have to pay for. More information is needed to asses your situation

Can you receive disability insurance living outside of the US?

Speak with an insurance agent. There are carriers who provide coverage outside of the U.S. Read the policy materials carefully.