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The Named InsuredYes. It is a legal issue.

A homeowner's policy insures the named insured for damage to their home. This assumes the named insured maintains an insurable interest in the house, meaning that they have not sold it to someone else. The policy cannot be transfered to a new owner.

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Yes. The legal owner must be named as an insured on the policy. It is illegal to insure the property of another where no insurable interest exists.

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Q: Does homeowners insurance have to have the name of the owners on the policy?
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Does a homeowners insurance policy have to have the name of the current owners on the policy?

Yes, of course. The current owners on the policy have to pay for the insurance policy, This is why this policy states that it is a homeowners policy.

Can my husband add my name to a homeowners insurance policy but not to the deed?


How do you find out who your home owners insurance is with?

If it is your home, just look at your insurance policy. It will always tell you the name of your insurance company.

How do you get insurance when you are not the registered owner of the car?

Answer:As long as you have the owners name on the insurance as owner you can insure it under your own policy

Who sells insurance to a driver without a car?

a non-owners auto insurance policy can provide liability coverage in the event you operate a vehicle that is not owned by you nor insured under your name.

Can anyone b on your homeowners insurance?

A homeowners insurance policy should be in the name of the owner(s) of the property as listed on the property deed. Also considered to be insured under the policy are all household residents. Children who are immediate family members and who are temporaily away at boarding school or college are still members of the household.

My Husband was in a acident in a friends house. We have to file a claim with the homeowners insurance but they are not cooperating. How do I find a homeowners insurance company and policy number I have the name and the adress.?

There are a substantial amount of business that offer homeowners insurance in your area so without the specific name of yours I am unable to find out where you should go to get your policy number. If you are looking to find your existing insurance information then you should conduct a search on the internet using the insurance company name and city which should bring it up. If you are looking for new insurance company you could contact Allstate which has a very good reputation @ 345 South Coast Highway 101 in Encinitas @ (760) 479-1370

Who is the owner og a life insurance policy?

The owners name is listed on the life insurance application unless it was changed at some point. Any change was also mailed to the policy owner and should be added to the policy. Only the owner can make changes to the policy.

What is the name of the holder of an insurance policy?

is it a policy holder?

If two people are listed as the homeowners do both of them have to apply for homeowner insurance?

Yes, anyone with an interest in the property should be on the homeowner's insurance to protect their "share" of the property. If there are multiple owners, they can all share one policy, but it needs to name all of them, otherwise, when someone makes a claim, the insurance company may refuse to pay for damage to something in the home that belongs to the uninsured owner.

Does auto insurance policy have to be in the same name as on the title?

does the name on the insurance policy have to be the same as the title in anderson south carolina

Can you get insurance on auto that is not in your name?

You can pay for insurance on an auto that is not yours...but the policy must be the titleholder's policy.

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