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As long as you have the owners name on the insurance as owner you can insure it under your own policy

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Q: How do you get insurance when you are not the registered owner of the car?
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Do you have to be the registered owner of a car to get insurance on it?

Yes. Only a registered owner of a car can get the insurance. The insurance policy document and registration documents of a car both should be in a name of one person. The mismatching of documents leads to legal complications. So it is important to ensure that to get insurance, you have to be the registered owner of a car.

How do you get liblity insurance on a borrowed car that no insurance?

You have to own a vehicle to insure it then you have to register it as the registered owner. So if you are borrowing a vehicle either the owner has to insure it or you have to buy it from them

Will insurance cost more for a new driver if the car is registered in his name?

In Texas, Yes, It will cost more for Insurance for a new driver whether or not he is the registered owner of a vehicle.

Does the registered owner of the car have to be on the insurance policy even if they don't have a license?

The insurance policy should be in the name of the registered owner of the car.It is not necessary that he should have a licence.The person who is driving the vehicle should have a valid driving licence.

If you got a ticket for not having car insurance are you responsible or is the owner of the car?

The owner of the car. If YOU got a ticket because YOU were operating an uninsured vehicle on a public road, YOU are responsible for the ticket. There may also be a citation for the owner for having the vehicle registered without the required insurance.

What happens after your car is totaled and you only have liability?

If a car is totaled in an accident and only liability insurance is present, there is a chance that the other party's insurance will pay for the vehicle if the accident was their fault. If a car is totaled, but no others were involved, then the responsibility falls on the registered owner. This will not release the registered owner from paying for the vehicle, either, if money is still owed on the car.

Registered owner and legal owner of a car?

Who is the legal owner or owners of a car if it is registered in one name but paid for jointly by 2 parties

If you hit a parked unregistered car can you sue their insurance?

Sure you can sue anyone for anything. The question is will you win. Let's get this straight. You hit a parked car, and you want to sue the owner of that car's insurance company. And your reason is that the car was not registered. Well if the car was not registered then how did they have insurance? What does the fact as to weather the car was registered or not have to do with the accident? You hit a parked car and that means you were at fault. But you go right ahead and sue. See where that gets you.

Do you need insurance if the car is not registered?

there is never a bad time to have insurance. Yes, you should regardless if the car is registered or not.

Your car was in an accident in Florida It is registered in New York the insurance was in cancellation the car was not being driven by you and was totaled what is your recourse?

Your question is extremely confusing. Whose car is registered in New York? Whose car lacks insurance? Whose car caused the accident? Who was driving the car? All of that may or may not be relevant. In Florida the person who caused the accident is usually responsible for property damage whether or not he or she has car insurance. It does not matter where the car is registered. In Florida, people go after both the driver and registered owner. The driver caused the accident and the registered owner gave the driver permission to drive the vehicle. Collecting one cent is frequently a different matter.

Do you have to be the registered owner of car if you pay for it?


Can you drive a car in Florida if the owner has insurance on the car but you do not have car insurance?


Do you need to register a car that is already registered in the same state by the previous owner?

Yes you need to put the car in your name other wise the last owner well get hit for no insurance and you need to take on the responsibility of the car.

Cosigner need insurance?

The cosigner on an automobile loan is not the person who has to pay for insurance on the vehicle. The registered owner should pay the fees for insurance. However, it is the cosigner's responsibility to make sure the registered owner is carrying insurance for the vehicle.

Whose insurance pays if you are driving another persons car do some damage to the car and they are not with you?

the car owners insurance The person driving the car would need to submit a claim to their insurance company. There are a few insurance companies that will cover not only the registered owner but anyone driving the car, however this is not usually the case.

If you have insurance on a car and you receive a another car as a gift do you need the title to the old car in order to get it insured?

Yes, there must be an insureable interest! Registered owner is always responsible

Can a car be insured twice without the registered keeper knowing?

Are you serious with this question? No, the registered "Keeper" owner will get the bills in the mail or online. First, why would you want to insure a car twice and pay twice the bills for the same vehicle? Second, unless you own the car I doubt if you can insure it. You can pay the insurance bill if you wish but unless the car is registered in your name the bills and responsibility will go to the registered owner. Now it is NOT a good idea to provide insurance on anybodys vehicles except your own or/and your spouses.

who is the registered owner?

Who holds the title to this car

If you had a car that was registered in another state but moved and left the car does the car have to be registered in the state you are living in now or can it still be registered in the other state?

The car needs to be registered in the state the owner resides in.

Who pays when driver is not the car owner but has car insurance?

Usually the insurance policy of the owner of the car is primary and then if the driver of the car has a policy of their own then it is secondary.

Does auto insurance policy have to be in the same name as the title owner in Michigan?

Not typically. The insurance is typically in the name of the person to whom the car is registered and this is not always the name shown on the title.

How do you put a car on the road I want to buy a car with cash from a private owner and I'd like to know how to go about putting it on my parents insurance and getting it registered.?

In most states, the title will have to signed over to you by the previous owner. Your parents will have to go to their insurance company and have you added to their policy as well as adding the car on.

Do you need insurance to get a car registered?


Is owner notified when someone is arrested in there car as driver?

I believe if the car is registered under the owner, they will be notified.

Does your car insurance card stay with the car or with the car's owner?

car's owner (you paid for it) I believe it must be with the car. If you lend the car out how is the driver to prove insurance?