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No You can buy it Or you can down load a open source version for free called "openoffice" it is as close to the real software but totally Free

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Does the iMac come with Microsoft office?

No, it does not.

What are the best free apps for the imac?

microsoft word

What is the Microsoft office Word called for an iMac?

Microsoft Word 2011 for Mac. Click the link for the download.

Can you download Microsoft words in iMac?

Yes, just go to the Microsoft website and type in Word for Mac. It is not free.

Do computers come with Microsoft Word?

Not all PCs come with Microsoft Word.

Can you put Microsoft Word on your iMac?

Yes. Microsoft make Word for Mac or if you have a Mac with an Intel processor (any of the latest ones) you can install Windows and run the Windows version of Word.

Can you get Microsoft flight simulator on an iMac?


Can Microsoft explorer be installed on iMac?

No it will not run on a Mac.

When did the iMac come out?

The first iMac was built in 1998.

Does the 21 iMac come in white?

Apple no longer sells a 20" iMac. They sell a 21.5" and 27" iMac. Both come in aluminum.

How do you get Microsoft word to stop buffering on iMac?

i have this same problem and i cant figure it out! Its been buffering for 3hrs and i hav to get my science fair done!

Does Microsoft Word come with Windows XP?


What year did the first iMac come out?

The first iMac was released in 1998.

Does Microsoft Excel come with Windows XP?

When you purchase Windows XP, it does not come with Microsoft Excel. You will have to purchase the Microsoft Suite, that comes with Word and Excel.

When did the iMac come into the stores?

The iMac was invented and went on sale in 1998. The iMac as it looks today was introduced in 2006.

Does Windows Vista Home Premium come with Microsoft Word?

It comes with Microsoft Works Word Processor, but Microsoft Office will run you 100 bucks at least.

Where is Microsoft Word in the Windows XP program?

Microsoft Word does not typically come included in Windows XP; it must be purchased separately.

What does not come as a default component of Windows XP?

Microsoft Word

When did Microsoft Word come out?

it came out in the early 1980's

How do you get to Microsoft Word on a Windows 8?

You have to buy it. It does not automatically come with it.

Does iMac include a word processor?

No, but you can get one for free. Open Office is a fully functional office suite and it is an open source free application. It will do all Microsoft Office will do.

Does Windows 8 have Microsoft Word?

Windows 8 is an operating system and Microsoft Word is an application. It is not part of Windows 8. If you want Microsoft Word on a computer with Windows 8, then you have to buy it separately, as it does not come automatically with it.

Will Microsoft office standard 2007 work on the imac?

No edition of Microsoft Office 2007 will run on an iMac, unless you are running Windows through Boot Camp or a virtual machine. Microsoft Office 2007 is a Windows-only application. If you want to use Office in Mac OS X, you will need to purchase "Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac" instead.

Can you have iPublisher on the iMac?

You sure can have the Windows pack on your iMac inclueding Word, Excell, Powerpoint. But you can't have the Publisher, but the word for the iMac is the same as the Publisher you can make banners and loads of things! Hope helped, --A

When did the fifth imac come out?

The original iMac was the G3 which came out in (1998). It was followed by the G4 (2002), then the G5 (2004), then the Intel iMac plastic version (2006). The 5th iMac was the aluminum iMac which came out in (August 2007), followed by the iMac Aluminum Unibody (2009). The newest iMac is simply called 2012 iMac and it came out on November 30, 2012.