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Ice melt faster when:

- the temperature is higher

- powdered salts as sodium chloride or calcium chloride are added

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What melt ice faster salt or sand?

Salt will melt ice faster.

Does salt flour or sugar melt ice faster?

salt helps it melt faster!!!!!

Will ice melt faster with sugar salt or the ice itself?

With salt because of the chemical salt has to make ice melt faster.

Will ice melt faster with salt or without?

Salt water will melt more faster because there is more density

Why does the ice cube melt faster when it has salt on it?

yes it does melt faster with salt on it, try it its much fun but abig mess

Why does the ice cube with salt melt faster?

A salt water icecube has a lower freezing temperature and so will melt faster.

Will flour water or salt water melt an ice cube faster?

Salt water will melt an ice cube faster.

How do ice melt faster?

it melts faster with salt

Does salt melt ice faster then laundry detergent?

Yes, salt does melt ice faster. I actually did an experiment on this, and salt melted about two hours faster than laundry detergent did.

What melt ice faster sand or clay?

Sand melts ice faster because it has salt and the salt makes it melt alot faster than clay.

Does salt melt ice cubes faster?

yes salt melts ice faster.

Does rock salt or table salt melt ice faster?

Table salt would actually melt ice faster than rock salt. The reason for this, is that table salt is much finer.

What is the hypothesis for the salt melt ice?

the hypothesis is to see if salt will melt faster or slower on Ice

Does salt make snow melt slower?

No, it makes it melt faster.

Which melts ice faster ionized salt or kosher salt?

i think kosher salt will melt the ice faster

Does ice melt faster to salt or sugar?

Sugar. Salt often slows down the process of melting, so sugar is what would melt it faster.

Can four scoops of salt melt ice faster?

yes, even though you add little salt it can melt faster than normal ice.

What makes ice melt faster?

salt, pepper, sugar, and sand makes ice melt faster but sand salt sugar and pepper melts ice faster than sand

Will paprika melt ice faster than salt?

Paprika will NOT melt ice.

Does sugar make ice melt faster?

In comparison to salt, sugar does not make ice melt faster. It melts ice at nearly the same speed as salt does.

What melts ice cubes faster sugar salt or food dye?

Salt would melt the ice cube faster because if you have noticed, people put down salt to melt the ice.

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