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Does ichigo like rukia?

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It hasn't been confirmed but it's pretty obvious he does.

She stopped the rain didn't she? ; ]

Hmm...well, you will get several different answers for this. In fact, I'm surprised there isn't already an answer that says, "NO YOU IDIOT, HE LOVES ORIHIME! DUHHH!!"

Tite Kubo has confirmed that he is content with there being no pairings in Bleach. Some may argue this is because Ichigo-Rukia-fans/Ichigo-Orihime-fans would throw a fit if anyone but who they wanted paired up. This is probably true...but, alas, we have no proof. ;)

So, yes he does like her. Does he love her? We have no idea. XD

He could, guys. Remember the many times Ichigo lost confidence, or spirit? It was Rukia who gave him those talks and snapped him out of it.

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Does ichigo and rukia like each other?

Rukia does like ichigo but ichigo is focused on being a soul reaper. Ichigo does like rukia as a friend and would do anyhting for her

Does ichigo kurusaki like rukia?


Why does Ichigo kiss rukia?

since when did ichigo kiss rukia?!

Does rukia like ichigo are renjji?

Renji. Have you seen how she treats Ichigo?

Who is ichigo going to be with?

In both the anime and the mange I believe him and Rukia like each other so I do believe Ichigo will end up with Rukia

Bleach episode when ichigo and rukia kiss?

There is no kiss between Ichigo and Rukia in the Anime.

Does Ichigo likes Orihime?

No Ichigo sees Orihime as his friend however she does like him. I think Ichigo has feelings for Rukia.

Does ichigo look better with rukia or orhime?


Does ichigo like someone?

yes he does he loves rukia kuchiki

Does Ichigo like Rukia from Bleach?

No, you can tell they both dont have in common and they are just like mom and son, why do you think rukia hits ichigo? because he sometimes do dumb stuff so rukia takes care of him. Ichiruki is not true nor ichihime you can tell of how they look at each other, rukia and ichigo are just family so is ichigo and orihime bro and sis and mom and son. ~tite kubo approves

Does rukia likes ichigo?


Will Renji and Rukia get together?

Maybe I think ichigo and rukia will get together

Will ichigo and rukia kiss?

they will kiss

Does ichigo have a crush on rukia?


Does ichigo ever kill rukia?


When will ichigo save rukia?


Will ichigo and rukia ever kiss?

No, he does not.

Did rukia kiss ichigo?

well no but if you watch most of the episodes and do quizzes you can well see that rukia would want to kiss ichigo

Best team on soul arena?

that is a hard question, a good answer would be using a team that has one character that only uses random reistu, and one character that focuses on another type of reistu only and another one just like that ex: ichigo, rukia and kon bankai ichigo, rukia and kon ichigo, yumichiwa and kon ichigo, sado and kon ichigo, rukia and grand fisher bankai ichigo, rukia and grand fisher ichigo, yumichiwa and grand fisher ichigo, sado and grand fisher there are a lot more i just used these before and they work

Who does ichigo like?

Ichigo Kurosaki does not show any feelings towards anyone yet, but for all you ichihime and ichiruki fans its just your minds, Ichigo and rukia are like mom and son rukia treat's him like a kid, ichigo and orihime are just like brother and sister he protect's her like a sister to just like rukia, and also tells her everything like a sister. Ichigo and Nel are like two friends that never met, there just like mom and son she loves to hug him which is motherly. Ichigo and soifon are So so, never know they might, they have the same face sometimes and also love to fight.

Ichigo and rukia?

Maybe, maybe not. There is no proof that they will or won't get together. - - - Ichigo and Rukia are best friends, who have amazing chemistry. I believe its a strong possibility .

Ichigo loves orihama or rukia?

this is how things will probably turn out ichigo x rukia orihime x ishida chad x no one

What is bleach fade to black about?

Bleach Fade to Black is basically about how Rukia disappears, and how Ichigo is reminded of her and go out to Soul Society to find her. The problem is, no one remembers Ichigo or Rukia at all, and so Ichigo has to fight his way through to find Rukia. On the other hand, Rukia was kidnapped by two kids that she from Rukongai a long time before. Not wanting to let go of Rukia, they turn Rukia into some evil person, and Ichigo has to fight her. ~ Wont ruin the ending for ya, it's a good movie so you should watch it~ Hope you like it! =)

Which episode do ichigo and rukia kiss?

They haven't.

Ichigo love orihime?

No, he likes Rukia.