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Does ichigo like rukia?

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2011-09-16 13:06:28

It hasn't been confirmed but it's pretty obvious he does.

She stopped the rain didn't she? ; ]

Hmm...well, you will get several different answers for this. In

fact, I'm surprised there isn't already an answer that says, "NO


Tite Kubo has confirmed that he is content with there being no

pairings in Bleach. Some may argue this is because

Ichigo-Rukia-fans/Ichigo-Orihime-fans would throw a fit if anyone

but who they wanted paired up. This is probably true...but,

alas, we have no proof. ;)

So, yes he does like her. Does he love her? We have no

idea. XD

He could, guys. Remember the many times Ichigo lost confidence,

or spirit? It was Rukia who gave him those talks and snapped him

out of it.

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