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Yes but the cost is very cheap & they have them all checked over & have all of their shots up to date.

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How much money are you gana need to buy a leopard gecko at petco?

Don't buy it from Petco, buy it from a breeder or animal shelter.

How much money do Rottweilers cost?

It depends on where you buy the dog from. From the shelter they can usually cost around $500-$600 dollars, but if you buy a purebread Rottweiler they can cost up to $1000-$2500.

Where can you buy horses for free?

Animal shelter

How do you adopt a kitten?

go to a animal shelter or buy it in an animal shop

Where can you buy dogs?

Either the internet or the animal shelter

Where can you buy baby chihuahua?

Your local animal shelter is your best bet!

Where can you buy a kitten in luton?

you can go to a shelter and get one or you can go to a pet store but it is better to adopt a animal from a shelter

How much would it cost to buy an animal abuse rescue shelter?

It depends were u live.. but most places they let you have the pet for free if it was abused/resued.

How much does a bichon frise cost?

Well, it all depends on where you buy the Bichon. All breeders have different prices. If you buy it at a Animal Shelter it will be a ton cheeper than if you buy it from a breeder. i bought my bichon for 1000 from a breeder.

Where are dogs habitats?

Well when you buy them they live in your house and they get rescued by the animal shelter

How much does a redbone coonhound cost?

It depends on where you live, such like places in Canada a coonhound may cost about $200 while in Florida they may cost $100. You should go to your local animal shelter or talk to the person you want to buy them from.

How do you buy Animal Crossing?

With money.

Where can you buy a kitten?

At your county animal shelter. Remember, When you adopt from the county shelter, you're saving a life from death row.You do not need to Buy a kitten.There are animals in the SPCA & other animal shelters, that need homes.Their lives depend on it.

How much will it cost to buy a Labrador puppy in Germany?

never buy an animal adopt it from a shelter because its saves their live and its cheaper idk if this website has animals in Germany but you could try it go to please adopt never buy

How expensive is a King Charles cavalier spaniel?

A lot! If you buy a pure breed not from a shelter any dog will cost a lot of money. It all depends where you buy it from. You wont find many at all but even less will you see them in shelters. Mine was from Puppy Plus and cost $100,000. I know a lot of money.

About how much would it cost to buy a young pug and what you need to start it off?

Good pups and advice are available at an animal shelter. Some pup needs at links below.

How much money does a baboon cost to buy?


Where can you buy potty trained dogs?

Try your local humane society/animal shelter

Where can you buy a scottish terrier?

You should go to a animal rescue or a animal shelter because the pets there are almost always free.

Where can i buy a cairn terrier that's not a lot of money?

ADOPT from a shelter. ;D

Does iChat cost money?

ichat cost $29.00 to buy!!

How much does a kitty cost?

Normally kittens can be adopted for free at a local shelter or adoption center. However, it does cost a lot to buy food and litter, so makes sure you have enough money to take care of a cat!

How much does a staffordshire terrier puppy cost?

it depends. you could rescue one from an animal shelter and that would only cost the adoption fee or you could buy one from a trusted breeder and that would cost thousands of dollars because the dogs are probably AKC registered

Are orkit eggs rare in the pokefarm shelter?

You have to buy them with real money, so yes.

How do i buy a hummingbird on animal jam?

Go to Animal Jam Outfitters. There is a hummingbird package that comes with membership, a hummingbird pets, hummingbird birdhouse, and feeder. This will cost you money, not gems sadly.