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By the foot, carpet is about $2 & tile is about $5.

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Q: Does it cost more to install carpet as opposed to tile flooring?
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What is average cost of bamboo floor with installation?

If you install a tongue&groove bamboo flooring, the cost will be about USD8.00/sqm. If you install a click lock bamboo flooring, the cost will be about USD5.00/sqm. The best way is choose click lock bamboo flooring.

How much would a mid range carpet cleaner cost?

Here are a few articles regarding this issue:

What is the labor cost to install vinyl tile flooring?

from 75c. to 2,50 dollars

How much does 1000 square feet of hardwood flooring cost to install?


Can vinyl flooring cost more than patterned carpets?

Vinyl flooring will not cost more than patterned carpets. This is generally due to the the amount of detail required to fashion a patterned carpet. Also, the cost of materials tilts to the patterned carpeting.

Carpet Installation Costs?

When you are choosing new carpet for your home, you will also need to consider the costs for the installation of your new carpet. If you install the carpet yourself, you will also need to purchase carpet matting and tack strips as well as any tool costs associated with installation. Sometimes the matting will come with the purchase of the carpet. You will need to consider any labor costs if you hire a professional to install your carpeting. You can save money by looking for deals at your local home improvement stores that offer free or low cost installation with your carpet purchase.

How much would flooring supplies cost to carpet a 6'x6' room?

Well depending on where you buy from it can cost anywhere from $80 to $200 dollars. Lots of factors are to be consider such as where you live, where you shop, and what kind of carpet you are thinking of.

Vinyl flooring Installation?

form_title=Install Vinyl flooring form_header=This type of flooring is stain resistant, holds up well to normal wear and tear. What is the square footage you would like in vinal flooring?=_ Do you have another type of flooring already on that needs to be removed?= () Yes () No Do you want a cost effective plan or genuine vinal?= () Cost-Effective () Genuine

What is the labor cost per square foot to level a floor and install Brazilian wood flooring?

6.00 sf

What companies would provide residential flooring that doesn't cost very much?

When looking for flooring at discount prices I would first check out the local flooring outlets, then you will have to decide on what type of floor covering you are going to install.

What is the per foot cost to install wood floors?

$6-$8 if nailed or glued to plywood $9-$12 in more underlayment is required This would include wood. Nebraska furniture mart charges $2.75 sq ft to install pre finished wood flooring. Carpet corner charges $2.25 for same.

How much does floor insulation cost?

According to historians, the average cost to install flooring is between $2300 to $2400; however, some factors to consider in pricing is square footage and type of flooring installed like wood or laminate.