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If you have already bought the book through Amazon, then it won't cost you anything to download it again. It won't matter if it's to your Kindle or your PC kindle reader.

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Q: Does it cost to download books on the kindle reader for PC if you own a Kindle and have downloaded the same book?
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How do you get your Kendall to download an e-book?

To download an e-book on your Kindle, first connect your Kindle to Wi-Fi. Then, go to the Kindle store using your Kindle device, search for the e-book you want, and click the "Buy" or "Download" button. The e-book will then be downloaded to your Kindle for you to read.

Do you have to have a kindle to download the kindle on your computer?

No. You don't need a kindle for kindle for ipad, ipod, Blackberry, or android.

Which online book stores regularly have a book promotion?

Kindle has the cloud reader lets you read books without having a kindle e reader. Kindle has free and discounted books that you can download and read.

Who created the Kindle reader?


How do you use Kindle?

You can buy e-books in the kindle store from the kindle, and they will download directly onto your e-reader. Then you select the book from your main menu, and start reading!

Can kindle e reader be used in Egypt?

A Kindle eReader can be used anywhere to read books. However, you may not be able to download them there.

Should I get a Kindle?

Nope! Kindle (amazon) will let you download their e-books to your PC! FREE! Go to, click on "Kindle my PC" and download their free software. You can buy e-books (you'll need an account) for $0.00 or their regular price, right onto your PC, and read it from there... same navigability factors as a real Kindle. Have fun and get smart!

Can you download anything from iTunes to a kindle?

No, Kindle is an e-book reader and the iTunes Store keeps music, videos, podcasts and iOS apps

Kindle or Sony reader?

Kindle by a million miles

How can an e-book downloaded into kindle sd card be read in kindle fire?

To read an e-book downloaded onto a Kindle SD card on a Kindle Fire, you can insert the SD card into a compatible card reader or adapter and connect it to the Kindle Fire via the micro-USB or USB-C port. You can then access the e-book file from the SD card using the file manager on the Kindle Fire and open it with a compatible e-book reading app or software.

What are the different models of kindles?

Currently, Amazon has six unique versions of their e-reader the Kindle. There is the original Kindle, the Kindle Paperwhite and Paperwhite 3G, the Kindle Fire, the Kindle Fire HD, and the Kindle Fire HD 4G.

Do E books Work on a Kindle?

YES! Kindle is an ebook reader device from Amazon.