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Probably not, but it depends on your telephone service provider.

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2007-11-22 13:01:39
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Q: Does it cost to receive an international call from a satellite phone?
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Does it cost to receive international call on your cell phone from a prepaid phone?


How does one sign up to receive a DirectTV satellite dish?

One can sign up to receive a DirectTV satellite dish from the DirectTV website or by making a call to their customer service phone number which is also available on their website.

Can you receive a phone call?

Yes you can receive...

How do you make a call from mobile in India to a satellite phone?

A satellite phone is usually issued with its own country code. You simply need to have international calling available on your mobile and dial the country code for the sat phone and then the number as normal. Sat phone country codes are in the range +870 through +874.

How is an international phone call sent and received?

An international phone call is made by first dialing the country code, followed by the phone number. An international call is received by dialing the ok button.

How do you tell if you will receive a phone call?

The phone rings.

What are the main features of the globalstar satellite phone?

The globastar satellite phone allows user to get the phone quality from anywhere. Their network of devices ensures that call quality is always high and there is a chance to make a call anywhere.

What is a satellite phone good for?

A satellite phone good for web browsing and long distance call. You can read more at

How do you receive and send a mobile phone call?

wel, you get a phone and you call from it like an idiot.

What does international out of area phone call mean?

An international/ out of area phone call is a call that is originating in one country and having a destination in another country.

How can one receive call services?

There are many ways in which someone could receive call services. The best way to receive call services would be to get an answering machine or a phone with cell phone capability.

Is calling Windsor, Ontario from Toledo Ohio an International phone call?

Is calling Windsor, Ontario from Toledo, Ohio an International phone call?

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