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Braces no doubt about it I have mine and they kill my teeth. But I think cuz wen I take them off I will have great teeth But take my word brace hurt

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Q: Does it hurt more to have braces or a retainer?
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Does a retainer hurt after braces?

Nope, the retainer is fitted to suit your teeth so as long as you wear it often your teeth will always fit in it and will not hurt.

You just got a retainer in your mouth for braces it hurt?

yes it really hurts

Do you have to have braces or can you just have a retainer?

Braces are designed to move your teeth into better alignment. A retainer is designed to keep your teeth in their current position following braces. If your teeth are where you want them to be, you do not need braces or a retainer. If they are not, you will need to have them moved with braces followed by a retainer to hold them in place.

Can you get a retainer without getting braces?

Yes. However, it's more likely that you'll get braces first for at least 6 months (half a year) and then get a retainer. Good luck! x

How long does it take to finish wearing braces?

well, it should only take two years. but, it does depend on if you get a retainer. if you do get a retainer that will be two more years. but just the braces are two year

My child's retainer no longer fits is there any point in going back to the orthodontist?

Yes ASAP i did not go and get a retainer when mine broke and ended getting braces twice twice trust me that retainer is way more comfortable than braces

How do you fix my gaps in front teeth without getting braces?

you can get vaneers but there really expensive or you can get a retainer. they dont hurt as much...but i think youll have to get a special order from your dentist because i think your only allowed to have a retainer when your finshed with having braces. but its possible.

Did Taylor Swift have braces?

no, but she has a retainer

What costes less braces or a retainer?

A retainer, though neither are cheap a retainer costs $500-1,000 and braces cost $5,000 for a full two year treatment

Do braces hurt or do braces hurt?

Your braces WILL hurt. You can try taking some pain relief and chew sugar free chewing gum. For more queries, contact

If you get your braces out do you get a retainer?

You should get a retainer when you have your braces off to stop the teeth moving back into the position the braces has moved them from. Normally Essix retainers are issued. They are clear and totally unnoticeable.

How long do braces hurt for?

If it is a retainer only two or three days you get used to them after that but I don't know how long train track braces hurt for about a week and a half I'd say they would be sore if they were train tracks

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