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Does it pay to become a Florida resident when buying a home?


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2009-07-31 04:05:27
2009-07-31 04:05:27

Yes, it could be worthwhile (assuming the home is your primary residence) you can qualify for a "homestead exemption" allowable by state law. This will reduce your property taxes considerably. In addition, Florida is one of few states which protects your primary residence from being seized in bankruptcy proceedings. In the event that you must declare bankruptcy Florida law prevents your home from being seized as an asset, thus putting you in danger of losing it.


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If you are in La and plan on making it your home then you are considered a resident. It's that simple.

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You only have to live in Arizona for 6 weeks to be considered a resident. If you have a home and receive mail there, you are considered a resident.

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In order to become a non-resident Florida claims adjuster an applicant must: 1. Be at least 18 years old; 2. Hold an adjuster license in the applicant's home state (if the home state requires licensing); OR 3. Come from a state that does not require adjuster licensing; 4. Have a clean criminal record (no felonies); and 5. Qualify by reciprocity, or 6. By taking and passing the FL state licensing exam, or 7. By taking one of the Designations that excuses the applicant from the state test (the Accredited Claims Adjuster Designation offered by the University of Central Florida)

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yes and depends on the type of home the resident is placed in..

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When out-of-state drivers commit an infraction and receive a Florida traffic ticket, they will be subject to Florida law like any resident. This means that to get the points dismissed from your record and prevent them from following you home, you will need to take a Florida DHSMV-approved traffic school course. More Information:

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