Does it snow in Utah?

It snows for quite a bit of the year in Utah. Usually, the first snow of the year is in late October, and the last snow of the year is in late March, although snow in April is often an occurrence. Most central and northern Utah is built right up against the mountains (I mean closer than you would imagine--we don't really have foothills, so it is valley and then you hit this huge mountain all of a sudden... a lot of cities are ON the mountain), so they tend to shade a lot of the valley from sun coming from the east that would normally melt the snow.
We have had pretty mild winters the last few years--only a few major snowstorms, but usually there are quite a few per month. Snow melts off of the roads and sidewalks pretty quickly, but stays on the grass for quite a while. I hate snow, but sometimes it is nice because the temperature is almost unbearably cold during the winter on clear days and nights.
The last snow this past winter was near the middle of JUNE... luckily it melted pretty quickly.