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Does kissing lead to AIDS?

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First of all, it would be the HIV virus you'd be catching, not AIDS. HIV can eventually lead to AIDS. Regardless, you cannot contract HIV from kissing. Check out the following link with useful information: If you are French kissing then absolutely you are running a risk! Body fluids are what the problem is. If you see the police they will often wear rubber gloves because of blood and if spit at by a criminal they are just as worried. The fact of the matter is they don't know enough about HIV or AIDS at this point.

2009-02-17 00:13:39
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Q: Does kissing lead to AIDS?
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Can you catch aids by kissing someone on the lips?

No, you can not get AIDS by kissing someone on the lips.

Can you get aids by kissing a girl?

Their can be a mistakinly of bitting when kissing.

Can you get hiv or aids from kissing?


Can you get aids from kissing making out?

If you are kissing the answer is no unless the person with AIDS as cut and sores in their mouth. The making out depends. If you come in contact with semen, blood, or vaginal fluids then you can get AIDS.

What can you catch by kissing someone?


Can you get aids from kissing on face cheek?


Can you get aids by tongue kissing?

yes you can

Can you contact aids by kissing?


Did kissing causes aids?


Can aids is happens by kissing probitues?

I got AIDS from attempting to read this sentence

Can you get aids from kissing or spitting?

No, you can't get HIV from kissing or spitting. Exception is if the saliva has blood in it.

Can genital warts lead to aids?

Genital warts do not lead to AIDS.

Can Trichomoniasis vaginalis lead to aids?

No, Trichomoniasis vaginalis will not lead to aids.

What does aids lead to?

HIV/AIDS can lead to increase in poverty in our country

Can lips to lips kissing or smooching lead to hiv or aids?

It depends. HIV is rarely (if ever) transmitted through kissing; when it does occur it probably relates to open sores in the mouth that allow exposure to blood, not just saliva.

Can you spread aids by kissing?

You can't get HIV from kissing. You also can't get it from hugging or holding hands.

Can french kissing transmit Aids?

It would not be likely.

Can you get aids form kissing someone with a cold sore?

HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, isn't spread by kissing. Cold sores are caused by herpes virus, not HIV.

Can you get aids from kissing?

No. But you can get STDs from kissing if the person you kiss has blood in their mouth at the time you are kissing them (such as from a cut on the gums).---Getting HIV through saliva is extremely rare. Normally there has to be contact with blood or infected bodily fluids.According (a website campaign for preventing AIDS and HIV), there is an extremely low chance that AIDS or HIV can be transmitted by kissing, even deep-mouthed kissing. However, it also says that the virus can be contained in the saliva of an individual, but it is to minute that there isn't enough of the virus in a person's mouth to actually lead to an infection in the other person.In other have a .000000001% chance of getting it by kissing only.But DO NOT KISS IF YOUR PARTNER IS BLEEDING IN THE MOUTH OR HAS RECEDED/DAMAGED GUMS. The blood stream will have the highest concentrations of the virus.There has been one documented case in which a person has gotten AIDS from kissing but that was because his partner was bleeding in her mouth.A normal kiss won't transmit the AIDS virus.

Can you get AIDS from kissing and making out?

No Yes aids is transmitted thru body fluids if you have a cut or sore you can catch it

Which is the least common way that people get AIDS?

kissing a monkey

Can aids pass through kissing?

You can't get HIV from kissing. It's also not spread by shaking hands or hugging.

Can you hey aids by french kissing someone with aids?

no u cant, only if the person with aids has a cut in there mouth. then the blood will go into the healthy person.

Can kissing on lips to lips leads to pregnancy?

No not just from kissing on the lips. But it could lead to intercourse which yes can lead to pregnancy.

Does paint give you aids?

You have got to be kidding! No. You can only get AIDS through the virus HIV which is in the blood of an effected person who carries it. Kissing such a person will not give you aids.