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Q: Does kourtney Kardashian tend to be emotional or rational?
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Why are cancers so emotional?

Cancers are so emotional because they are an sensitive lot who tend to live in the past

What is a good pun for my why do bees cry?

Why do bees cry? They tend to get emotional while waxing poetic.

How does the emotional manipulator feel?

They don't, they tend to not have a conscience...which means they act without caring how or who it effects, temporarily and/or permanently.

What music do suicidally depressed people like?

They usally tend to like Emo music because Emo is short for EMOtional.

What sex or gender physically fights the most?

Males (men and boys) tend to physicalize their emotional responses more than females.

Why do mothers over react?

I'll be blunt, women tend to be more emotional due to hormones. Stealing cookies will make them flip

Do emo people hurt themselves?

Emos tend to be known for self-harm like cutting themselves, but Emo stands for emotional.

What emotional issues may adopted children have?

Adopted children will tend to ask if you're their biological parents or family because they'll feel indifferent and the curiosity about "Who am I?". The type of emotional issues they develop is identity, depression, and abandonment.

Leave the emotions out of eating?

Emotional eating is when an individual eats in response to feelings such as anger, depression, sadness or happiness. Emotional eaters tend to consume excess food even when they are not physically hungry. Emotional eating can leave an individual feeling guilty afterward and it may eventually cause depression. To avoid emotional eating, it is important to recognize the behavior. Emotional eating is often in the form of cravings. An emotional eater will typically crave a particular type of food. One way to manage emotional eating is to choose healthy food options such as vegetables or fruit.

How do fat people?

People who are over weight tend to get there by using food as an emotional crutch for comfort because of some unresolved emotional issue. They can also get fat because they are stupid and ugly or because they wake up in McDonalds every 3 days.

What are the reasons women commit suicide?

Women, because they generally have more emotional outlets and are more likely to get help for emotional problems, tend to suicide less than men, but the number of suicides that are notcaused by depression is vanishingly small, regardless of gender.

Does Kim Kardashian produce her own make-up?

It's available in different locations, especially on a specialty basis. However the actual launch was at a Nordstrom in Santa Monica and they tend to be most associated with her brand.

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