Lemon and Lime Juice

Does lemon juice have starch?


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No, lemon juice contains citrus acid.

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No. Lemon juice from concentrate is concentrated lemon juice that has been diluted to natural strength. Lemon juice concentrate is just that - concentrated lemon juice.

The only thing in fresh lemon juice is lemon juice. Bottled lemon juice usually contains concentrated lemon juice and water.

No, corn starch does not react with baking soda. Soda requires an acid such as vinegar or lemon juice to react.

Yes, you can substitute reconstituted lemon juice for fresh lemon juice.

what is the conversion of concentrated lemon juice to the juice of a real lemon(in teaspoon)

when u combined the lemon juice in sugar is still lemon juice but the lemon juice will be sweet or sour When u add sugar it will be sweet lemon juice and if u not add a sugar is still lemon juice but is it sour .

Lemon juice is made from the juice of the fruit. Lemon extract is a mixture of the lemon peel and alcohol.

No, lemon juice is squeezed fruit juice, lemon soda is a carbonated beverage usually with artificial lemon flavor.

Lemon juice does have acid in it. If you are taking about the lemon juice directly from the fruit, then of course. Even if it is in a juice, lemonade for example, it is still an acid.Lemon juice does not HAVE acid in it, but it IS an acid.

its the lemon juice, baking soda, or corn starch that reacts 2 heat or something.

Lemon juice have just the juice of lemon and cirtic acid, which is sharp tasting crystalline acid presenten in the juice of lemon and other sour fruits

I know the health benefits of drinking lemon juice every morning. Is it the same for reconstituted lemon juice?

No, concentrated lemon juice is about four times as concentrated as regular lemon juice. Therefore one teaspoon of fresh lemon juice is equivalent to 1/4 teaspoon of concentrated lemon juice.

The approximate amount of lemon juice is 3 tablespoons for one medium lemon.

Lemon juice bleaches hair.

3 Tablespoons = juice of one medium lemon

yes lemon juice can clean stains it cleans better than lemon juice

No, lemon juice and lime juice are not the same thing.

Lemon rind is not lemon juice, it is the thick outer skin of the lemon.

eggs - separated, whites & yolks sugar pinch of salt corn starch grated lemon rind lemon juice pie crust: flour, salt, butter & water

There are approximately 2 1/2 tablespoons of lemon juice in one lemon. There are many recipes out there that call for lemon juice.

Bottled lemon juice can easily serve as a substitute for fresh lemon juice. The quality of fresh lemon juice, however, is almost always superior to bottled juice.

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