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Light can cause some soft blue cheeses (such as saint agur) to go a light pink colour. Its still harmless but doesnt look to its best. It is usually the air that causes the most spoilage.

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Why does light affect the rate at which food spoils?

Because many different types of bacteria and virus' depend on sunlight to survive. Im no biologist but most likely much in the same way humans need light to survive. So do they.

The spoils system evolved as a way to?

The spoils system evolved as way to get the most money from government projects. Those who won the contracts felt as if they deserved the "spoils".

Does amount of light affect the way a plant grows?


What is the correct way to eat my cheese?


Does different color light affect the way plants grow?

ultra violet light is all it needs

What factors can affect the way a polymer behaves?

the factors that affect the behaviour of a polymer are; temperature, electrical current, light(ultraviolet).

How does UV affect the sun?

UV light is produced by the sun. The UV light produced by other stars is minimal once it reaches the sun and does not affect it in any appreciable way.

What factors can affect the way that a polymer behaves?

temperature, light and electrical currents etc.

What is the proper way to make cheese?

There is no "proper" way to make cheese,but there is a common way.The most common way to make cheese that i am fond of is to add bacteria into milk to create cheese and other dairy products (such as cream).

How does light affect a plants growth?

light affects plants in many ways, one way is that it gives it enough energy to form ATPs which is a way of energy that is oblygatory to plants.

Are cheese nips better than cheese its?

No, cheese its are better CHEEZ ITS all the way!! Cheese Nips got discontinued

How is the cheese in a string cheese stringy?

the way that they make the cheese makes it thinner and more stringy

How does light affect the way you see colors?

because your eyes might not beable to see color

What describes the way elected politicians handed out jobs to people who had voted for them?

the spoils system.

Describes the way elected politicians handed out jobs to people who had voted for them?

spoils system

How do they name cheese?

they name cheese by the way the cheese looks. for example, Swiss cheese was named Swiss because of it's holes.

Is there a difference between macaroni and cheese and mac and cheese?

No there is no difference. Mac & cheese is just a shorter way to say macaroni & cheese

How does the climate in the Bahamas affect the way you dress?

In the Bahamas they have very warm weather, so for the climate to affect the way they dress they need to wear light clothing, t-shirts-shorts-ect.

Will cheese end the world?

no way! cheese comes in peace and pieces!

Is cottage cheese really a cheese?

Yes, cheese is the coagulation of milk into curds and whey. The curds are then processed to make the cheese. Cottage cheese is made in this way.

How cheese made from milk?

The way you make cheese from milk is simple. Cheese is hardened, rotten milk.

What cheese is closes to brick cheese?

Depends in what way. Marble cheese is possibly closest in taste and flavour.

What are the different ways of eating cheese?

there is no different way to eat cheese!there is a different way i just want to know!

What is two factors that affect the way that light is refracted through a lens?

1.diverging 2.converging

Is it Better to eat natural or processed cheese?

Natural Cheese all the way. Avoid heavily processed cheese.

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