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Light does not effect rust, rust is not an organism it is a chemical reaction between Oxygen and Iron.

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What can remove rust?

if it is light rust vinegar will do nicely

What is the effect of rust?

The long term effect is destroying an iron object.

What is one effect of chemical weathering?


What effect does acid rain have on iron statues?

Rust, Iron is quite reactive in that manner, so it would rust

How does rust affect magnets?

it doesnt effect magnets i thought

Can different types of nails effect the amount of rust on them?


What is the color of the atmosphere on Mars?

It is a light rust colour.

What damage can rust cause?

Rust has an important contribution in the destruction of metallic components and structures in all fields of technology. Serious rust damage can effect the integrity of the chassis and body strength.

Is a rusty food can dangerous?

Rust is responsible for ptomaine poisoning which can be quite deadly, so I toss cans with more than light surface rust. Rust is responsi

Will ion rust iron?

The ion chloride (Cl-) has a corrosive effect.

What causes different metals to rust?

Light and water and Oxygen. Metals which easily form oxides, especially when wet, will rust.

What two colors make the color rust?

The two colors that make rust are light/dark brown with some orange

How do rust spots develop on paver tiles and do they weaken the tiles?

I don't know how the rust spots got there but they wont effect the strength of the tiles

Why are cars made from aluminum?

Because it is strong, light and will not rust.

Why do you use aluminium for greenhouses?

Because it is strong, light and will not rust.

What materials is the Austin Mini made from?

steel light sheets that's why they rust but are light weight

Does bleach rust steel wool?

what is the effect of bleach on hardend blade steel?

Does vinegar effect iron?

Vinegar cannot effect iron. The word "effect" means "to make". Vinegar can AFFECT (to cause a change) iron by cleaning rust from it.

What color top should you wear with a rust skirt?

Light Brown

What kind of material rust?

Iron or materials containing iron will rust into oxides, either Fe2O3 (light brown) or Fe3O4 (dark brown).

Why does it take a long time for a nail to rust?

It depends on the conditions. Salt, acidity, temperature and humidity can all effect the rate at which it will rust. The material that the nail is made out of and any other nearby metals will also effect the rate at which it corrodes. In extreme conditions it may take as little as a few days for the rust to become apparent.

How does pH's of different liquids effect metal nails?

Causes Rust,oxidizing and electroplating.

Can sodium chloride cause rust?

Yes, because the anion chloride has a corrosive effect.

What effect does salt used on roads in the winter have on rusting cars?

make it rust more

What effect can rust have on animals?

Well, rust is really iron that has been oxidized, remember. It doesn't really have much of an adverse effect on animals, but if it is consumed in a large piece, it could puncture a stomach or intestinal wall and cause serious infection.