Does love last forever

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Not necessarily. But if you work at it, there is a good chance.

There are actually 4 stages to love in a person's life. There is "puppy love" when we are young and have a crush on someone. There is "teen love" where we swear by the gods that we love that person, but, sometimes things go wrong and we move on until so-called love hits us between the eyes yet once again. Then there is love where you want to live with or marry the person. After that there is "comfort love" where you have shared so much of life together for many years. Sorrows, happiness, the birth of children, family, etc. Although "comfort love" is not as passionate as young love it's still there and if the couple have been fortunate and worked hard at their marriage they are two friends as well as loving each other where they can rely on each other. It's a wonderful feeling, but the hard part is getting there. I have known people who have been married 60 - 70 years and I can hardly fathom it. There are disagreements, bad times, but more often, there is happiness, joy, and comfort of each other. When one's back is against the wall the other one comes out fighting and if you are truly in love that never changes. In these modern times it's very hard for the youth of today to believe in love and marriage because there are so many divorces. Yes, marriage or even living together is a gamble, but, if you work hard at it and don't expect perfection then you're going to make it and be happy until the end of times. If you want it bad enough you can attain it.

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Q: Does love last forever
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