Does mark Owen live in London?

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Mark Owen lives in Wandsworth, London.
That's the best answer I can give because I am not going to post his WHOLE address on the internet!!
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Who are Mark Owens parents?

Mark Owen was born in Oldham , England . He lived in a small council house with his mother Mary, his father Keith, brother Daniel and sister Tracy in Oldham. His father was
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Has Mark Owen a facebook page?

There are many facebook pages made by fans, but sadly Mark hasn't got an official one..
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What breed of dog has mark Owen?

Sam looked like a Golden Spaniel to me when I met him, Mark & Emma in 2005.....
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What is Mark Owen most famous for?

Mark Owen has done a number of things that have made him famous. The most famous event in his life is being crowned the winner of Celebrity Big Brother in 2002.
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When was Owen Marks born?

Owen Marks was born on August 8, 1899, in England, UK.