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What I have learned in Earth Science I would say that there is many volcanoes and/or ice geysers.

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Q: Does mars have any volcanoes valleys or ice geysers?
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Does deimos the planet have volcanoes or geysers?

No. Deimos is not a planet; it is a small moon. It does not have any volcanoes or geysers.

Are any volcanoes on mars acetiv?

Mars is not thought to have any active volcanoes. However, there are large inactive volcanoes found on the surface of Mars.

Does Mars have any active volcanoes?


Does mars have any extinct volcanoes?


Does venus have any mountains valleys or volcanoes what are the names?


Does mars have any mountains or valleys?

valleys some of the tallest mountains and deepest valleys known in the solar system.

Does Deimos have volcanoes or geysers?

No. Deimos is too small to have any sort of geologic activity.

Is there any evidence that there is volcanoes in mars?


Is there any volcanoes on mars?

Mars is home to several volcanoes. It is hard for scientists to keep track of the amount of volcanoes on the planet so Mars is broken down into volcanic provinces.

Does mercury have any valleys mountains volcanoes or atmosphere?

No, Scientists Have Not Proved It YET!

Does Mars have any valleys?

It has craters, caused by meteors hitting it. It also has valleys. You can exlopre it using Google Earth and there are some huge valleys.

What small planets contain giant volcanoes?

The planet Mars has volcanoes far larger than any found on Earth.

Do Neptune's moons have volcanoes?

Although Neptune's moon have volcanic-like craters, scientists don't believe any of them have active volcanoes. Triton, Neptune's largest moon, has geysers, but not volcanoes.

Does Mars or venus have more volcanoes?

Venus has more volcanoes than Mars. In fact, Venus has the most volcanoes than any other planet. There were three active volcanoes found on Venus in 2010.

Does mercury have any volcanoes or geysers?

Yes, many large basins contain smooth plains that are likely to be filled with lava.

Are their any geysers in the Philippines?

is their any evidence of geysers in the philippines

Are volcanoes found on any other planet besides Earth?

Yes. There are volcanoes on Venus and Mars as well as Jupiter's moon Io. None of the volcanoes on Venus and Mars are known to be active, though.

Are there any geysers in any desert?

Yes, geysers are found in some deserts. An example would be the El Tatio Geysers of the Atacama Desert.

Could there ever be any volcanoes on any other planet?

Yes infact there in one on mars according to nasa

Is there any volcanic activity in mars?

Yes, but little because most ofthe volcanoes are dead

Does Mars have any interesting features?

An interesting feature of Mars is that there are volcanoes on its surface. There are also different types of erosion, canyons, and dust storms.

Does any of Jupiter's moon have any geysers?


Does New Hampshire have any mountains valleys volcanoes deserts plateaus or mesas?

I do believe so but how bout that awsum website

Are there any geysers in Australia?

No, Australia does not have any geysers, because there is no volcanic activity on either the Australian mainland or in Tasmania.

Is the surface of Mars smooth?

It has peaks, valleys, craters, mountain ranges and the like just like any other planet.