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Yes because all of your energy that is usually used for growing is being used for your workouts, if u really want to get fit go out for run do more sports just please don't ruin your body by doing all of this weight lifting in the gym the treadmill's okay but just remember that your still growing and you should look after your body and see the aftermath of certain things you do.

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over strength training has proven to stunt growth and some supplements (steroids) also can stunt growth

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no lifting will not stunt your growth

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Q: Does muscle growth stun growing
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What stuns your growth?

A stun gun.

Does asthma alone stun your growth?

Asthma has no effect on your growth

Does Xbox stun growth?

Um, are you seariuss?

Can infrared light burn calories or fats?

It will stun your muscle.

I have weider pro 2250 i am 13 and i just started to use this machine i only lift one can this stun growth?

no.... it could not stun your growth scientifically that it what i call a 1 off but if you regularly do it then this is possible that Ur height will stay the same!! don't worry about your height staying the same. take it slow and do some research on a good routine for your age, since your body is growing so fast at your age. it is easy to over do it if your not careful.

What is heart muscle growth?

Heart muscle growth , Muscle growth is called Hypertrophy. Combine that with the cardiovasuclar system is called cardial hypertrophy.

Does swimming after working out stop muscle growth?

no it does not stop muscle growth. it actually gains more muscle.

Does muscle building in any way stunt growth?

no but unless you are 16-18 or you are still growing and going though pubirty then dont over work yourself

When exercising for muscle growth what is the relationship between muscle load and repetition frequency for best muscle growth?

Less reps, more weight.

At what age do muscles stop growing?

Muscles can continue to grow and develop throughout a person's life with proper training and nutrition. However, muscle growth may slow down after the age of 30 due to hormonal changes and a decrease in muscle protein synthesis.

What is growth and reproduction?


What is non growth?

Non-growth means that something is not growing.