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If you purchased full coverage you should have Collision coverage. If so, it will cover the damage to your tires and rims minus your deductible.

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Q: Does my insurance cover damages that were caused in an Accident by myself. Not like i rear-ended somebody but rather i hit the sidewalk and my tires got torn and are bent and crooked?
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Can I sue for damages if I just bought a car and somebody rearended me I haven't even made a payment yet?

If it was there fault their insurance company will be responsible for the damages. So yes you can sue, but most likely this won't be necessary as long as the insurance company gives you fair compensation.

Will auto liability cover damage done by a deer?

No. Unless you killed somebody's pet deer, liability insurance is no value. Liability insurance covers the damage you do to somebody else's property or person. Collision insurance covers damage to your vehicle when you strike an object or animal or when your vehicle is damaged by someone unknown, as in a hit-and-run accident.

What company in Georgia offers temporary car insurance?

State Farm offers temporary car insurance in Georgia so that you're covered if you drive somebody else vehicle then you're covered in the event of an accident.

What are the types of insurance and briefly explain each of them?

insurance can protect you from a fear from death, injure, loss of property and also from a harm caused by you to somebody (for example if you are involved in a road accident but instead of being a victim you must pay a fine)

Can a person be on an insurance of somebody that they are not related to?


What number would you call to report a traffic accident?

Traffic accident! call 911 or somebody who can help!

Does auto insurance for an accident prone driver cost extra?

Yes it does. Insurance companies are in business to make money and if somebody has a proven driving record of being unsafe, the policy will cost more. As he proves to be a safer driver, his premiums will go down.

Will your premiums go up if you crash somebody else's car?

Yes. If it is determined that the accident was your fault, your insurance company will raise your rates. However, the rate increase is often fairly minor. If you were ticketed by the police, it may increase the rate increase because you now have both a ticket and an accident. Your insurance agent should be able to tell you how much the increase will be.

What happen if somebody drove your car and get into an accident but your car was not insure?

Firstly, they most probably won't be covered by your insurance. Secondly, it is illegal not to have your car insured. Both could end up with you losing your car.

In California after 30 days can somebody still report and accident to your insurance?

You can still report it as lomg as you have the acciednet report that was filed at the scene and a really good reason why you believed the issue was not reportable to your insurance company when it occurred. If you have a good enough excuse they may still pay on your claim.

Do accident solicitors come to hosptials?

If you have had an accident and are in the hospital you can request a solicitor to come and visit with you. You may want to do this to start putting together your case if you are planning on suing somebody about your accident.

What is called insurance?

Insurance refers to the reimbursement in case somebody suffers a loss. People usually make pre-payments to the insurance company.

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