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Does non-diet root beer have aspartame?

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Aspartame -

Most likely the diet version does. It depends on the brand.

No. Why would it? Aspartame is a sweetener which is not required in beer.

Diet candy may contain aspartame. Nondiet candy is more likely to contain sugar or high fructose corn syrup (HFCS). The only way to be sure if a candy bar contains aspartame is to read the ingredients on the label, keeping in mind that aspartame may be listed under different names.

Root Beer was originally an alcoholic beverage with about the same alcohol content as beer.

No, Root Beer is a type of a caffeine drink.

Root beer smooth is likely to be the "top of the barrel" of root beers. Therefore it is lighter than root beer regular.

root beer was made in 1898

They have root beer available

Yes root beer is brown

there is only malt in root beer when u order malt root beer. When its in the name there is malt in it. :)

A root beer float has vanilla ice cream in it. Root beer itself does not contain vanilla.

Nooo....Root not made out of """ROOTS""".......:l

Root beer is made from sassafras root by a brewing process similar to the way traditional beer is made.

it is called root beer because it comes from the sap that is located in the roots of the birch tree hense it other name birch beer, but another reason could be that one major ingredient in root beer is sasafras root.

Root beer is known as root beer in Australia. Not a particularly popular drink, it is not to be confused with ginger beer, which is a completely different drink.

Root beer is acidic.

Root beer is two words.

There are hundreds of brands of root beer.

It is a simple answer...NO

It depends what root beer you drink to be honest.

No. Root beer was once known as "sarsaparilla". Or 'sassyfrass'.

No, there is no alcohol in a root beer float.

Root Beer Tapper happened in 360.

Hires Root Beer was created in 1876.

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