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In general, failure to wear a seat-belt will not void your claim for damages to your vehicle or any passengers wearing their seatbelts. It may however affect any claim for personal injury to the person not wearing the seatbelt. Typically, if this is the case, the claim for personal injury will not be entirely voided, but the nature of the injuries will be examined in detail, and one might not be reimbursed for injuries that would likely have been prevented by the use of the seatbelt.

Refer to the law of the state in which you are in and to your insurance policy for specific limitations.

Also note that your health insurance policy will cover the injuries, even if your auto-insurance policy doesn't.


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Wearing a seat belt has been reported to save more lives in an accident than wearing no seat belt.

If wearing the seat belt properly, then no a passenger should not hit the windshield.If wearing the seat belt properly, then no a passenger should not hit the windshield.

yes, that's why when your in an accident and you get killed they all ways tell on the news report if you were or were not wearing a seat belt.

If there is no seat belt fitted to the vehicle, then possibly. If theres a seatbelt fitted and its not used, then likely no.

No way. There has been documented proof that wearing a seat belt can prevent most injuries.

TRUTHFULLY it sometimes depends on the car accident he or she is in minor car accidents can be resisted with wearing a seat belt major collisions can cause a person to get hurt because of the seat belt resits

Injuries that occur in a car as a result of a person not wearing their seat belt depends on the accident. If the impact is strong enough, they can be thrown from the car.

The fine for not wearing a seat belt in Georgia is $15.00.

A seat belt protects the passengers when you have a car accident.

Seat belt laws require that the belt be worn as designed. If you were not wearing the belt properly, you committed a violation.

Yes, you can be stopped for not wearing a seat belt anywhere. It's the law, mister (or miss).

As inertia is a tendency to do nothing, not wearing a seat belt (in a stationary vehicle?) will have little affect. Only if the vehicle is moving and suddenly stop, does wearing a seat belt become essential.

dont know what state your in but in cali who ever is not wearing the seat belt gets the ticket

A ticket in Wisconsin for not wearing your seat belt is $10.00 for each individual. The ticket can apply to the driver, passenger, and rear seat riders not wearing a seat belt.

The top excuse for not wearing a seat belt is the fact that people do not like to feel restricted. They want to be able to move around in the seat.

By wearing the seat belt which is after all there to protect you. Having seen the direct results of someone who was not wearing a seat belt, I would strongly advise that you do so and then you won't have a problem with the reminder. However, if you do insist on not wearing it, the quickest way to disable the chime is to do up the seat belt aound the back of your seat.

A seat belt in a car or on a tractor keeps the body in the seat. When a tractor rolls over and you are not wearing a seat belt you can be crushed by the tractor, if you are wearing a seat belt you will most likely be safe since you are not falling to the ground.

the seat belt its self could possibly injure the person wearing it

Generally no one in a hospital is wearing a seat belt.

There are a few minor disadvantages to wearing a seat belt while driving. The main one is the inconvenience. It takes a few seconds to get in and out of the seat belt, and someone in a rush may think they don't have time for it.

Keeps you in the car and out of the windshield when you have an accident!

Not only will you get fined in most states, but if you are in an accident, the likelihood of death is much higher if you aren't wearing a seatbelt.

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