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Does one need a passport to take the Carnival cruise to Ensanada Mexico?

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US citizens cruising to and from a US port do not need a passport.

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Do you need a book passport or a card passport to go Mexico on a carnival l cruise?


Do you Need A Passport For A Carnival Cruise to Cozumel?

Yes, you need a passport. If you are leaving the USA and going to Mexico then you need a passport.

Do you need a passport for a carnival cruise to the Bahamas?

Basically yes, to get on AND off the cruise ship you need a passport.

Do you Need A Passport For A Carnival Cruise halfmoon cay and nassuas?

yes you do need a passport throghout the cruise, especially to get out of the Bahamas visitor center,but when you go back on the cruise they will give you a carnival card.

What destinations can be seen on a Carnival Cruise?

There are many destinations that can be visited while on a Carnival Cruise. Some of the more popular destinations of the Carnival Cruise are Alaska, Mexico and the Caribbean.

What is the average cost of a Mexico cruise package with the Carnival Cruise Line?

Cruises in Mexico on the Carnival Cruise Line cost from about $250 to over $600 based on the duration of the cruise, the desired accommodations, and any other additional costs.

Do you need a passport to cruise to Cozumel on Carnival Cruise Lines in March 2011?

Yes, you need a passport. When you travel to other countries by plane,car,ship you should always have you passport along.

Do you need a passport for a cruise that ports in Mexico?


Who specializes in Baja Mexico cruises?

If you were planning to go on a cruise to Baja Mexico, Carnival Cruise Lines and Crystal Cruises are who you should go with. These particular cruise lines do specialize in Baja Mexico cruise.

Does Carnival Glory Cruises offer cruises to Mexico?

I checked the Carnival website and I did not see any cruises to Mexico for the the Carnival Glory. The Carnival Inspiration, however, does sail to Mexico and is offering a deal for a four day cruise to Mexico starting at $229.

Can a Canadian go on cruise to Mexico?

Yes, if the Canadian has the money to book the cruise and a passport.

Do you need a passport for a Carnival cruise to Jamaica?

If you are a US citizen, and the cruise departs and returns to the same port, you don't need a passport--just a government-issued ID and a birth certificate.

Do you need a passport leaving Miami Florida on Carnival Cruise to Jamaica and Cayman Island?


Does Holland America have a cruise to Mexico?

Holland America offers a cruise to Mexico through their website, You will need to have your up-to-date passport with you when you get to Mexico.

What is the best price for a Carnival cruise?

You can go on a cruise to Mexico for as cheap as $309 for a interior room. This cruise also departs from California.

Do kids need passport to go to Mexico?

If we are going on vacation on a cruise to we need passport to be able to dock on certain ports?

Do you know where to sign up for a Carnival cruise to Mexico?

You can check out or to book a carnival cruise to Mexico and get various deals and specials. Depending on the time you want to travel you can find very cheap packages.

Is it a must that you have a passport to go on a cruise to Mexico?

it depends on where you start from :p

Is a passport required for cruise to Mexico from the united states?

Basically you really need your passport to travel. Especially when you are a foreign.

Who owns the the Carnival Fantasy cruise ship?

The Carnival Fantasy cruise ship is owned by Carnival Corporation & PLC, owner and operator of Carnival Cruise Lines. The word "Carnival" in the ship's name indicates its ownership.

Do you need a passport on Carnival Cruise after January 2010?

On most cruises yes. But not on "Closed Loop cruises" see for all the passport rules!

Is there such a thing as carnival pride?

The Carnival Pride is a cruise ship that made her maiden voyage in 2008 from Long Beach, California to Mexico with the Carnival Cruise Line. This ship is a whopping 963 feet long and is very family oriented.

Does Disney own carnival cruise line?

No. Carnival Cruise Line is owned by Carnival Corporation

Do you need a passport to cruise from Tampa to Mexico in April 2010?

Yes, when you travel to different countries you need your passport in hand.

Where can one book a cruise on Carnival Cruise lines?

There are many ways one can book a cruise on Carnival Cruse lines. One can book a cruise on Carnival Cruise lines on at popular on the web sources such as the official Carnival Cruise lines website, Travelocity, and Orbitz.

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