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No. I can assure you that does NOT give your pc a virus. i always play that game and my computer never had a virus.

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โˆ™ 2011-08-12 04:57:52
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Q: Does ourworld give your PC a virus?
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Does ourworld have a virus?

ourWorld does not have a virus, it is a flash game (like if you go to, and it is impossible for a virus to linger on a flash application.

Will Free Realms give your PC a virus?

no it will not

Can watching videos give your PC a virus?


Can PC games give your computer a virus?


Can wavosaur give you a virus?

yes at my PC it do the selfs...

Does small worlds give computers viruses?

yes it does it gave me spyware and a virus so maybe you can go on ourworld by the way ourworld is better smallwords is dangroud never go on that site

Does roblox give your PC viruses?

ROBLOX cannot give you a virus, but lag your computer.

Does ezvid give virus?

Yes don't use it i had to reset my pc

Does Pandora sims give you a virus?

yes it does when i scaned my pc it came up as a virus so stay away

Is the ourworld toolbar safe?

Even if you have anti-virus, ourWorld toolbar is just a joke if it is safe. It isn't. I recommend that you don't install it even if you want gem codes. One virus can hack your internal memory. Choose wisely. ourWorld or safety of computer.

Does downloading hypercam 2 give a virus in your PC?

No. I downloaded it myself, used it, have no virus protection, and it didn't give me a virus. I suggest if you are making a video for youtube about the computer, do it. It's pretty useful

Is frugooscape a scam and does it put a virus on your PC?

No. It isn't a scam but it can give you a virus from using dirty files other internet sites.

How is the virus get in your PC?

when you download a file that has a virus

What is the name given to the situation when a PC stops functioning?

well it is simple disease = virus

Does the game cube world give your PC a virus?

No based on studies taken by various pc security companies it is said to be safe for home computers.

Does Sonic Adventure 2 for PC have a virus?

If you downloaded it legally, no. If you have a virus, please scan your PC with a reputable Anti-virus program ASAP

Does LimeWire give you viruses if you have no virus protection?

yes u need firewall, spyware and other protections for your PC

Is my clean pc a virus?


Does roblox get your PC a virus?

Absolutely not.

Does virus get into iPod touch from your PC?

No it does not

What is a virus PC?

it is a yellow tree

Is Mario paint composer safe or will it give you viruses?

if you have a mac it wont. if you have a PC it will.(new update) ingore that bull**** above it will not give you a ****Ing virus

Does moshi monsters have a virus?

No. They don't. But they can give you a virus. I know this because I tried tapping the cave in the town square and the emerald eyes just grew bigger and my PC fell into a coma since then. So they can give you a virus, but they do not contain one themselves.

How much have virus PC?

Norton should be able to remove it from your pc.

If you downlod a PC game can you a get a virus on your computer?

If you download many PC games then you could get a virus from it. Just scan your virus program every time you download anything.