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Does pine tree has seeds or spores?


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A pine tree has seeds contained within its cones.
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Yes, it does reproduce with spores, cones, and seeds, but it doesn't reproduce with flower.

Yes, Pine tree produce seeds because Pine trees are conifers (cone bearing) and carry both male and female sporophylls on the same mature sporophyte.

The pine tree disperses it's seeds by spores Pine seeds are contained within the pine cone. When ripe the cone opens and allows the seed to be release either into the air or to be eaten by birds and dispersed though their bodily functions.

They are pine tree seeds. The seeds in the cone will grow into a pine tree.

The purpose of a pine cone is for the tree to reproduce the spores are in side of the cone

The pine cone holds the seeds.

pine trees seeds are dispersed by wind

Pine tree seeds are made in the roots.

Pine trees have seeds in the cone. Ferns are the only plants that I can think of off hand that have spores (I'm sure that there are more out there). Otherwise, if it is a natural plant, one that was not created from grafting/hybridization and so on, it has seeds.

Because that is how Pine trees produce their seeds.

When the pine tree meets a nother pine and their roots rub togther.

The Seeds of the Pine Tree … when the seeds mature, the pine cone opens, and the seed fall out.

No. A pine tree has its own seeds so there only needs to be one tree.

Pine cones are born from a pine tree when it matures.

No, a pine tree can be considered both a spermatophyte (as it bears seeds) and a gymnosperm (as those seeds are not enclosed and thus naked), but not a bryophyte.

It is how the tree can let its seeds spread, to make more pine tree's.

A pine tree reproduces from seeds grown within a cone.

Pine trees bear their seeds in the female pine cone.

It is a pine tree. Pine trees make seeds and or pollen but it does not produce flowers.

options : Pine Tree, Peepal Tree, Cotton Plant and Eucalyptus Tree Ans : Pine Tree

spores are not seeds and seeds are not spores

a pine tree makes a pine cone by their seeds and inside a pine cone if you are lucky you might fine a red seed.

A coniferous tree. A pine tree would be an example.

The pine cones contain the seeds that enable the tree to reproduce.

no, they are relatively small

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