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no i am his gurl friend

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โˆ™ 2008-12-22 03:44:57
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Q: Does plies have biological kids?
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Does plies have kids by a singer?

plies is having a baby by beyonce.

Does Plies have any kids?

Yes Plies does have a kid he has one son

How many kids do plies got?

He has 3 kids.

Is there a picture of any of plies kids?

plies has a son by the name of nijier lanier Washington



Where can you find a picture of Plies children?

Go to Google Images and enter 'Plies kids' in the search box.

How many kids do plies dad have?

we have no clue damn

How old are plies kids?

they r 5 and 8

Does plies got any kids?

yes he do name lastasia

Does Plies have three kids?

yes he do have 3 kids, 2 twins gurl and a lil boy

What are Plies' kids' names?

Plies only has one child. His girlfriend and him have a son. The name of his son is Nijier Lanier Washington.

Does Marie Osmond have any biological children?

yes. 3 of her 8 kids are her biological kids.

What is Plies the artist biological mother and father name?

Plies was born on July 1, 1976 in Fort Myers, Florida. His real name is Algernod Lanier Washington. His parents are Larry and Karla Washington.

Do plies like chirldren?

Yea He.He have 2 lik them, he has 3 kids

Do plies have kids?

yes he do a son name demauri u can call him at 2487962259 at eny time

Where did plies get the name Plies?

plies said on bet he get it from pliers took the r out and to him it mean he gone ply the game open! but, in fort myers, the kids on the block said that the word "Plies" means: real, sophisticated, and humble. They would call each other that all the time. so, plies decided to run with that word because he feels that he fits the name. so the word started in the streets of fort myers.

Is plies in plies?


Does Caesar have kids?

No biological children

What do plies love to do?

Plies love to spray them llamas Plies love to murk. Plies love to get that skirt. Bust it baaaaby!

Is plies engaged?

Plies is not engaged.

How can you contact Plies?

Are all the kids from the duggars biological?


Does shirley Caesar have kids?

No biological children

Are Buddy Valstro from Cake Boss kids adopted?

No, they are all his biological kids.

Is Plies short?

Yes Plies is short.