Does plies have kids by a singer?


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plies is having a baby by beyonce.

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bra plies is the best singer

Yes Plies does have a kid he has one son

plies has a son by the name of nijier lanier Washington

no i am his gurl friend

Go to Google Images and enter 'Plies kids' in the search box.

yes he do name lastasia

yes he do have 3 kids, 2 twins gurl and a lil boy

Plies only has one child. His girlfriend and him have a son. The name of his son is Nijier Lanier Washington.

Plies dates some new R&B singer who has recently been discovered by former Kris Kross band member Mac Dad

Plies is a well known hip hop singer. His girlfriends full name is Brandy Lacole Lyons. The couple have one child together.

Yea He.He have 2 lik them, he has 3 kids

No, Chris Brown the R&B singer does not have kids.

yes he do a son name demauri u can call him at 2487962259 at eny time

plies said on bet he get it from pliers took the r out and to him it mean he gone ply the game open! but, in fort myers, the kids on the block said that the word "Plies" means: real, sophisticated, and humble. They would call each other that all the time. so, plies decided to run with that word because he feels that he fits the name. so the word started in the streets of fort myers.

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plies number is 6625712031

Plies Is From Ft.Myers,Florida,USA

No, the rapper Plies is not married.

=Yes, Plies does have a son. His name is Nijier. If you listened to his single "Family Straight" you would hear him say that he should stay on his son & make sure he listen to what his momma say=

i think because she lost her you know with her boyfriend and plies the rapper is not 31 hes 26

Nijier Lanier Washington, this baby is by Shay "Buckeey" Johnson. She was 23 years old when she had him.

What type of artwork does Plies do?

plies brother plies brother

Is plies family from Haiti?

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