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Yes, protein as nutrient is a natural compound and unless modified is vulnerable to bacteria.

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Yes protein powder can go bad.

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Q: Does protein spoil or go bad over time?
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Is milk a perishable food?

It means it has a projected time period when it will be good. After this time period, milk will go bad--i.e., spoil.

Why is protein bad for you?

Unless you have kidney damage, or massively over-consume protein, without fat, which is hard to do eating normal foods, then protein is perfectly safe to eat.

How long can food stay out and not spoil?

It depends on the food. You can leave bananas out for a long time but milk or yogurt will go bad really quickley.

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What types of bacteria cause food to spoil?

bad bacteria

How does Swiss cheese spoil?

It would probably smell bad.

Can you leave maynoise out all night?

No. It will spoil and go bad.

Will salted fish paste last for many years?

While salted fish paste is primarily made of salt, a natural preservative, it also has other ingredients that will spoil over time. So, in answer to your question , no, salted fish paste will "go bad' after a particular amount of time.

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Is protein bad for you?

No, your body needs protein.