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Rap music doesn't contribute to violence because people provoke the violence. Rap might influence the person to comit a crime, but that is irrevelant.


I don't think so. But it does get you pumped.

This question is a no-brainer. It most definitely contributes to violence. And the person who penned the first answer is a moron!


No, rap music describes situations that have been violent but in no way contributes, to contribute it would have to cause, as it can influence, it can't directly cause violence. Therefor itself does not but can influence a person to.


Gangster Rap Music does not directly cause violence but it is one of the biggest contributors to it's cause. Gangster Rap Music does influence a lifestyle of crime and anger. I grew up in Miami and I have met and seen kids/teens who came from a middle income family and grew up in a suburban area act like "gangsters" and commit senseless acts of violence just because it is part of the scene or the lifestyle. I grew up with my sister, once a very nice girl, turn into a thug speaking, angry girl who has found a new set of friends that believe having guns and beating up people is normal and cool.

Gangster Rap music creates a lifestyle and values around hate, racism, violence, homophobia, and death. We can also see the same traits in other genres of music but never has one genre made an army of angry teens who would kill for senseless reasons such as you looked at me wrong or your wearing a blue shirt or the infamous "your tried me"

Gangster Rap is the fuel of the lifestyle and it's values. I believe Gangster Rap Music sets the groundwork and the base of majority of senseless acts of violence. It only amplifies other issues and problems within each individual. A kid is most likely to resort to that kind of lifestyle due to his problems with family or his social surroundings.
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Q: Does rap music contribute to violence?
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