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Rice is a carbohydrate and eating a lot of it can help you to gain weight.

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2014-08-26 15:40:43
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Q: Does rice help you gain weight?
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Is rice good for losing weight?

No! Rice is rich in carbohydrates. Rice helps you to gain weight.

Does red yeast rice cause weight gain?

Rice is not particularly fattening; you would have to eat quite a lot of it for it to cause weight gain.

Does rice help you to lose weight?

rice wont help

Do squats help you gain weight?

Squats can help you gain muscle, which could help you gain weight theoretically.

Can a person gain weight eating white rice cooked if that is all you eat?

Rice is rich in carbohydrates. That means that yes you can gain weight by eating rice. Beans with the rice makes a very complete nutrisious meal.

What are some foods that can help you gain weight?

If you want to gain weight, you should eat a lot of foodstuffs that contain carbohydrates like potatoes and rice. You should only do this though with advice from a doctor.

Does maca help you gain weight?

If you mean McDonalds then yes it does help you gain weight.

Do cyproheptadine help you gain weight?

Do cyproheptadine pliva 314 help you gain weight?

Are rice cause make man fats?

Nope… If you are maintaining your calories by eating rice, you won’t gain weight else without taking rice if you consume more calories definitely you will gain weight. Weight gain depends up on our calorie intake and how many calories we are giving up.

Does eating a lot of avocadoes help to gain weight?

Avocadoes are the most fatty fruit, but they may not help much in weight gain. If you easily gain weight, that will help.

Can uncooked rice make people gain weight?


Food to eat that will make you gain weight?

ANY food that you eat will make you gain weight if you do not work it off.

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