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There have been many studies done on what influences sperm survival. And most studies show that saliva can have a negative effect on sperm. If he has enough sperms then it's unlikely to make a major difference, but if he has a low sperm count then you need every single sperm.

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Q: Does saliva kill sperm
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Can saliva kill sperm cells?

No, it doesn't

Can saliva kill sperm?

no saliva can not kill sperm ive had 4 children through doing oral to turn him on then we have sex once he enters you the saliva disapear's it dries up saliva is a natural fluid in our bodies so is used as a natural lubricant if it killed sperm then how are we supossed to give oral sex. naturally saliva is going to enter your vagina when he has oral sex with you you cant escape that so the answer is NO Saliva Can'not KILL Sperm

Can sperm come from mouth to make a girl pregnant after kising?

No, the saliva would kill all of the sperm.

How long does it take for saliva to kill sperm?

Saliva and Sperm It is the job of saliva to break down foreign particles in your mouth, whether that be food, bacteria or sperm.SO basically a small amount of sperm won't last very long with a large amount of saliva; but a large quantity of sperm will be able to better protect the innermost sperm- the same is true with vaginal fluids- Vaginal fluids are slightly acidic to protect the women and kill foreign substances. Many sperm die on their journey to reach the egg, it is the strong protected sperm in the middle that are able to last the whole journey and reach the end goal successfully. Dr. Amos from had this to say on the topic: "....most studies show that saliva can have a negative effect on sperm. If he has enough sperms then it's unlikely to make a major difference, but if he has a low sperm count then you need every single sperm."

Can a woman can be pregnant by man's saliva?

Only if there is sperm in that saliva

Do dogs saliva kill bacteria?

yes! dog saliva can kill bacteria. Human saliva can kill it too but then it regrows it back.

Do lubrications and saliva kill sperm?

Some lubes are also spermicidal, but not all. Anyhow it's not enough for them to function as contraceptives.

Can a female get pregnant when she accidentally spill the sperm with saliva from her mouth into the outside area of vagina?

Yes she can. Sperm can stay alive for up to 3 days.Sperm can survive in saliva.

Can saliva kill flowers?

It is unlikely that saliva will kill flowers because it is mostly water.

Will dog saliva kill bacteria?

Well my dog is a superhero and his saliva can kill anything

Will perfume kill sperm?

Hello. No perfume will not kill sperm. Spermicidal jelly will kill sperm.

Does a mans saliva contain sperm?

No. Sperm only comes from the penis, not the mouth.

Can marijuana transfer through saliva and sperm?


Can a girl get pregnant by getting fingered if the guy got some pre-ejaculate on his finger but he used saliva on it would that kill the sperm?

yes the sperm would die because of the silava glans

How does bacon kill sperm?

Bacon does not kill sperm.

How does saliva kill bacteria?

saliva is acidic in nature and bacteria mostly cannot survive in acidic medium and hence saliva has the ability to kill bacteria.

Can getting a male's saliva in your vagina lead to pregnancy?

No, only sperm has the ability to penetrate the female egg and cause a pregnancy. Saliva contains no sperm, so there is no chance of pregnancy, if saliva alone ends up in your vagina.

Can blood kill sperm?

No, blood could not kill a sperm.

Can too much saliva from a male cause pregnancy?

No. Dorm is requred to bee pregnant. There is no sperm in saliva

Can you get pregnant from a mix of sperm and saliva?

Yes, if the sperm came in contact with your vagina there is a slight possibility.

Do taking garlic kill sperm?

No. There is nothing you can take to kill sperm.

Can asthma inhalers kill sperm?

Asthma inhalers do not kill sperm.

Does stress kill sperm?

Stress does not kill sperm, but an cause low sperm count or erectile dysfunction.

Does saliva effect the life span of sperm?

well If you spit in to the vagina before penetration when you climax and ejaculate the enzymes in the saliva will denature the sperm therefor killing it and conception will not take place.

Does saliva kill the HIV virus?