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Does salt separate hydrogen from water?


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No. Salt does not produce any such reaction.

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You can't once you put salt into water salt dissolves in the water and you cannot separate the salt.

A hot plate will separate salt water.

You can simply separate salt and water by distillation method.

Distillation can be used to separate water from salt water.

Electrolysis is used to separate sodium metal from table salt. It is easier to harvest hydrogen from fossil fuels, than it is to separate hydrogen from oxygen using electroysis of water.

Boiling off the water from a salt solution will separate the solid salt and water (which can be collected by a condenser).

A hot plate can separate salt and water by vaporizing the water and leaving only the salt that was in solution behind.

Use a filter to separate the saw dust from salt water then boil the salt water

To separate salt water into salt and fresh water you can use:a distillation apparatus, ora reverse osmosis process

By the electrolysis of water.

I would separate salt and sand with water by washing the salt out of the sand. Then I would evaporate the water to leave the salt behind.

In order to separate salt from water, you need to boil the water. Once all of the water has evaporated, the salt will be at the bottom of the container the water was boiled in.

No, it cannot separate salt from a salt solution. This is because salt is soluble in water.

You boil the salt water so the water evaporates, leaving salt.

Certainly we can separate salt dissolved in water by the process of evaporation in which salt is left as residue while the water is evaporated.

You will have some salt and some fresh water.

Evaporating water dried salt is obtained.

A common process one can use to separate salt from water is distillation.

we can separate salt and water by making a filter of coal, fine sand, cotton and pebbles.

Yes. Saltwater can be made from a separate salt and water solvent.

No. Oxygenated water does not contain hydrogen peroxide.

Hydrogen can be extracted from salt water by the method of electrolysis, which involves passing an electric current through the water.

Boiling off the water from a salt solution will separate the solid salt and water (which can be collected by a condenser).

With a sieve (or more sure with a filter) you can separate a water solution of salt from sand. After the evaporation of water you obtain crystallized salt.

You can separate it from water using electrolysis. http://www.instructables.com/id/Separate-Hydrogen-and-Oxygen-from-Water-Through-El/

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