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Q: Does samual Jackson play in glory?
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Is samual Jackson Michael Jackson related?

no. Not the Samual Jackson that you may be thinking of. But Michael's dad-Joe had a father by the name of Samual Jackson. The Samual Jackson related to Michael was not famous though. But there is a video on youtube someone made to show that Prince Jackson is Michael's son and they include and old photograph of Samual, and it's scary how much he and Prince look alike!

How old is samual Jackson?

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Who was the designer of Titanic?

Thomas Andrews.Mr. Thomas Andrews designed the Titanic. Mr. Bruce Ismay, the owner of the White Star Line, approved of the design, as well as the name.Ismay started the idea that the ship was "unsinkable". This was because of the double bottom, meaning that something would have to break 2 layers of steel, and the water-tight compartments; rooms that would hold (and lock) water to prevent it from spreading throughout the ship.

Who is Samuel L. Jackson's brother?

YES, he is Micheal Jackson's brother. Samual L Jackson is Jackson 5.

Who is Samuel L Jackson's brother?

YES, he is Micheal Jackson's brother. Samual L Jackson is Jackson 5.

How many movies has samual l Jackson played in?


Who is the richest movie star in Hollywood?

samual l jackson

Did samual Jackson die?

Yes and it was a very sad day for all of his fans

Did slaves play a role in samual Champlain exploration?


Who plays colonel mick fury in iron man?

at the end of the credits it was samual l Jackson

What are the ratings and certificates for Mahalia Jackson The Power and the Glory - 1997?

Mahalia Jackson The Power and the Glory - 1997 is rated/received certificates of: Netherlands:AL

What is the name in Spanish for Samual?

Samual in Spanish is Samuel.

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