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Does science explain things better or does religion?



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== == * Science answers well questions about the functioning of things, about the laws that govern the universe. It however fails to answer philosophical questions of existence, like "what is our purpose in life", "why the laws of universe are the way they are" and so on. This is not due to limitations of science, but because today's scientists have chosen not to answer such questions. Today's science has eliminated "human" from the equation and has chosen to investigate only cold matter. So when the human factors comes into the question, today's scientists are unable to say something. If - as a scientist - you have taken for granted that nothing that cold matter, atoms and electrons exist, then how can you answer the big questions of life? You simply can't. And that is why the scientific community was so much troubled by the findings of quantum physics (where the human-observer actually formulates the physics laws): they were startled to find that "human" exists! So such a question you ask is rather difficult to answer. Religion really tries to answer the big questions of life - not only based on faith but also on common sense. I think both science and religion should be used to reach the truth - they are complementary ways of thinking, not contradictory. == == * Science does come up with many answers, but when all else fails the miracle of faith is beyond explanation! It was once true that scientists relied on facts and not faith and few believed in faith, but, that is changing a little more all the time. == == * Science is open to criticism, which is the opposite of religion. Science begs you to prove it wrong - that's the whole concept - whereas religion condemns you if you try to prove it wrong; It tells you to accept it on faith. I think Science can explain things better because it gets scrutinized by its peers (co-scientist), whereas religion will say, "this is it, period." Science attempts to explain how; religion attempts to explain why. Occasionally the two cross over.