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Does science explain things better or does religion?

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== == * Science answers well questions about the functioning of things, about the laws that govern the universe. It however fails to answer philosophical questions of existence, like "what is our purpose in life", "why the laws of universe are the way they are" and so on. This is not due to limitations of science, but because today's scientists have chosen not to answer such questions. Today's science has eliminated "human" from the equation and has chosen to investigate only cold matter. So when the human factors comes into the question, today's scientists are unable to say something. If - as a scientist - you have taken for granted that nothing that cold matter, atoms and electrons exist, then how can you answer the big questions of life? You simply can't. And that is why the scientific community was so much troubled by the findings of quantum physics (where the human-observer actually formulates the physics laws): they were startled to find that "human" exists! So such a question you ask is rather difficult to answer. Religion really tries to answer the big questions of life - not only based on faith but also on common sense. I think both science and religion should be used to reach the truth - they are complementary ways of thinking, not contradictory. == == * Science does come up with many answers, but when all else fails the miracle of faith is beyond explanation! It was once true that scientists relied on facts and not faith and few believed in faith, but, that is changing a little more all the time. == == * Science is open to criticism, which is the opposite of religion. Science begs you to prove it wrong - that's the whole concept - whereas religion condemns you if you try to prove it wrong; It tells you to accept it on faith. I think Science can explain things better because it gets scrutinized by its peers (co-scientist), whereas religion will say, "this is it, period." Science attempts to explain how; religion attempts to explain why. Occasionally the two cross over.

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Is science better than religion?

well religion is better because it tells u about culture and stuff like that -- Science is not better than religion and religion is not better than science. They are two complementary fields of knowledge. Each one contributes something different to the world. Science gives knowledge of the external physical world and religion gives knowledge of the inner spiritual world. Each field has its own methods of study. Science uses the experimental method, for example. Religion uses practices such as contemplation and meditation. That is why you cannot prove God's existence with science--to study religious things, you must use the methods of religion.

What does it mean that the science of biology is dynamic?

They are always discovering new things and making changes to their theories to better explain the world. All science does this.

What is a primary goal of science?

to explain what things are made of

Why science is important in your daily life?

Science happen everywhere and every second. Science can explain why things happen. For example, science can explain why you can walk without slipping. This is because of friction.

What functions can science serve that religion cannot?

Science can tell us how things really happened.

Why do religion and science co exist?

Science-"An organized body of knoweledge pretaining to all NATURAL events in the NATURAL UNIVERSE gained through observation and experimentation"Science is only about the natural things while religion focuses on supernatural things. Just as a natural and Supernatural universe co exist, science and religion do.

What is the role of science in building a better world?

Science makes better production for countries, better war supplies, advances findings of animals, and other things, like why things happen.

How can you explain experiment science to kids?

The best way is to have a lot of visual adds and fun things to keep the kids entertained while your try to explain the science behind it.

What is outside the realm of science?

Religion , art language , non material things

What are the goals of science?

One goal of science is to explain how things in nature operate. It also sets out to provide truth and facts.

What is myths in science?

myths explain many things in science. For example in the myth Arachne, it explains how spiders weave webs.

What are the 6 things that your body does every day that science can't explain?

According to, there are six things about the human body science has yet to adequately explain:YawningAdolescenceThe Placebo EffectDreamingBlushingPubic Hair

What has science and religion done to make the world?

Science and religion are one of the key things that made the world and is continuing to keep the world stable and knowledgeable. If we didn't have these tow things we wouldn't know anything about nature or how the world was created.

The role of science in creating this wonderful World?

Science doesn't create anything. Science is a philosophical base for a methodical thought process employed to explain things, and to defend those explanations. So science doesn't create, rather, science gives us the means to explain, and apply a specific confidence to the explanations. Science is all about uncertainty. Now, of course, based on our understanding of things, and employing the scientific methods, we are able to better understand the mechanics of how things work. Therefore, technology advances, more or less arm-in-arm with science. However, one could be a brilliant technologist, and a lousy scientist, and vice versa.

Why was the religion in Mesopotamia important?

Religion was important in Mesopotamia because it gave the people a reason to live. It answered some questions like "Why do we live and die?", "Why does the sun rise and set?", and "How can we be better people?". It explained events in their life that could not be proven any other way. Nowadays we use science to prove many things that occur. But back then, science did not exist. They had to rely on the spirit and whatever deities they believed in to explain the natural events of the world.

How does science change the world?

science helps you to understand the world and the community around you and you can understand things better through science

Was science involved in greek stories?

No. Science came after the Greek myths.The Greeks made up stories to explain why things were the way they were, with little to no knowledge of science.

What was importance of religion for greeks?

The importance of religion to the Greeks was to help explain why things were the way they were. That's why the created the Gods and the God's stories and myths.

What were ancient Greeks myths used for?

the Greeks used the myths to explain the things that we now know is science other wise to explain the unexplainable.

What does inferring mean in science terms?

When you explain or interpret the things you observe, you are inferring, or making an inference.

What did the greek myths explain?

It explained for those who believe in it things that science couldnt solve logically.

What is the purpose of Greek mythology?

It helped the Ancient Greeks explain how and why things happen. For example, when Lightning struck, they knew Zeus was angry (proven wrong now, but that's how they explained it without science). It was also their religion, they prayed to the gods and gave them offerings. It also gave them rules and values to live by. At the time that it flourished it was not mythology it was a religion or a spiritual belief. As with all religions it gave people something to explain things they did not understand, something to blame and something to thank. It was the religion of the ancient Greeks.

Do you believe in superstitious beliefs and practices even if theyre are no scientific bases?

If by superstitious beliefs you mean God and Jesus Christ, then yes I do believe in them. I believe that no matter what science says there is a God and a heaven which is where those worthy will be received when they die. Although science can explain numerous things there are those things that science cant explain.

What has nothing to do with science religion or politics?

That is a hard question because everything has to do with science but if there is one thing that is not related to any of those things it would be batman.

How ethics apply to science?

Ethics do not apply to science; science is amoral. It is neither good nor bad unless applied by technology. Science is a field that tries to better understand and explain things in nature, while the goal of technology is to make products that address societal needs- which requires moral decisions to be made about how the products will impact society.

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