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Does sedna have any moons?

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How many moons does sedna have?

Sedna has no moons.

Does sedna have moons?

Sedna has no known moons.

Does planet sedna have any rings or moons?

No it does not have moons or rings

What is sedna and how can be the scientist prove that sedna is a new planet or just the moon of Pluto?

Sedna is a dwarf planet. It is to far away to be one of plutos moons and is proved to orbit the sun

What is a sedna?

Not "a" Sedna; just "Sedna". Sedna is the Inuit goddess of the sea. Also, a dwarf planet named after this goddess.

Is Sedna a comet or not?

No, Sedna is a planetoid.

Which is further sedna or Eris?


Does mercruy have any moons?

No, Mercury does not have any moons.

What is the difference between Pluto and sedna?

sedna is red and Pluto is thought to be grey. Sedna is smaller then Pluto.

What consist the solar system?

The Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Asteroid belt, Ceres (dwarf Planet inside the Asteroid belt) Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Start of Kuiper belt (Dwarf planets Pluto, 2003 EL, Eris and Sedna). Jupiter is the largest planet and it also has the most moons: 63 Saturn has 56 moons Uranus has 27 Neptune has 13 Mars has 2 Earth has 1 and venus and mercury have none. Dwarf planets. Pluto has 3 moons 2003 EL has 2 moons Eris has 1 moon Sedna has none as far as astrologists know. But Sedna has an orbit lasting 10,500 years and is the coldest known place in the solar system.

What is the density of Sedna?

The density of Sedna is ≈2.0g/cm3

Is sedna an asteroid?

No. Sedna is currently classified as a planetoid.

Are the moons on mercury key moons?

Mercury does not have any moons.

Does Venus have moons?

No it does not have any moons.

When was Sedna discovered?

Sedna was discovered on November 14, 2003.

What are the interior layers of Sedna?

sedna is hot, crusty, and shallow

How many planets in your solar system have no mooms?

There are only two large planets in the solar system with no moons: Mercury and Venus. There are also four dwarf planets, Ceres, Makemake, Snow White (2007 OR10), and Sedna, that have no moons, to our knowledge.

How many km is sedna from sun?

There is not a way to tell how many km are from the sun to Sedna. It is a long distence from the sun to Sedna.

Does the sun have any moons?

no its doesnt have any moons. because its to hot for it but they consider the planets to be the suns moons

Does Venus have any rings or moons?

no venus does not have any rings or moons

Does Neptune moons have any features?

does neptunes moons have any features

Does mercury have any notable moons?

Mercury has no moons of any sort.

What orbits stars?

Mainly planets, which may have moons, but stars are also orbited by dwarf planets (like Pluto and Sedna), and space debris (like our asteroid belt).

Does Ceres have any moons?

No,ceres has no moons

Does Mucury have any moons?

Mercury has NO MOONS

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