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Does severe pain cause you to vomit?

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Some types of severe pain can cause nausea and can cause you to vomit.

Take a migrane headache for example. That kind of severe pain can make you vomit. Also, what about childbirth? Any doctor or nurse will tell you to NOT EAT anything when you go in to labor. Is that the reason? Or is it something else? yes severe pain can make you vomit and about the child birth question the answer is partly

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Can an std cause back pain?

yes severe back pain

What can cause severe upper arm pain?

What can cause severe upper arm pain (periodic aching between elbow and shoulder, sometimes pain going down arm and into shoulder)?

What is neurotic pain?

Neurotic pain is pain that is cause by injury to the tissue. It is nerves that have been injured in the tissue and cause chronic and sometimes severe pain.

What could cause severe pain in your side?


Cause of severe lower left abdominal pain?

paulsating pain lower left

Could pancreas problems cause you to vomit?

Yes, it can. Pancreas problems can cause fluid and air to build up in the stomach, which can cause severe vomiting.

Can a child become blind after severe head pain?

Maybe not pain, but some kind of severe head trama may cause blindness.

Can low vitamin B12 cause severe joint pain?


What could cause severe pain in upper arm on right?

== ==

Can gas cause you to have severe back and abdominal pain?


Can a honey allergy cause severe abdominal pain?

Yes, it can.

What happens if you eat lily of the valley?

It can cause you to vomit, have abdominal pain and reduce your heart rate.

What would cause severe pain in the mid right side?


What can cause severe cramping during menstrual cycles?

Women with severe menstrual pain have higher levels of prostaglandin in their menstrual blood than women who do not have such pain.

What is the cause of severe abdominal pain?

Call your doctor and explain the symptoms to them. If it is not during your doctor's regular hours and the pain is severe, you should consider going to the ER.

Can colitis cause pain?

Yes. Inflammation of the colon can cause mild, moderate or severe pain, depending upon the severity of the particular condition.

Can Marijuana cause Severe stomach pain?

if ya got the munchies then yes...

What can cause severe belching and muscle and joint pain and shortness of breath?


What is a sentence with sedentary?

Sedentary jobs can cause you severe back pain problems.

What word means severe pain cause from sudden tightening muscle?


Can severe bronchitis be life threatening? can cause severe pain to your liver...but it cannot kill you unless you like carrots.

What is the cause of bloody vomit accompanied by abdominal pain?

Stomach ulcers normally. See a doctor immediately you are suffering this.

Can yeast infection cause lower back pain?

A really severe yeast infection gives me lower back pain.

What could cause severe pain in your hands?

Arthiritis or chill blains - see a doctor

Can pain from tooth make you vomit?