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Shaving has no affect on hair growing faster. The only thing that shaving does with hair is makes it so that when it grows, it looks thicker, due to the angle of the cut that occurs when using a shaver or a razor.

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Q: Does shaving speed up hair growth?
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How do you speed up your facial hair growth?

Honestly, no way.

Does steaming pores speed up facial hair growth?


What to make your hair grow fast?

You can't really speed it up but it is said shaving thickens it if you mean facial

Is there anything a girl can do to speed up hair growth?

Eat lots of protein.

Is there any house items that can be used to speed up the growth of facial hair?


How do you grew hair 2 inch in one month?

You don't. Hair has an established growth rate. You cannot speed it up.

Are there any tricks to get facial hair to grow faster?

No, much of it depends on your genes. For example, people of Pakistani descent- with dark hair & skin- often grow beards faster (maybe as early as age 12) than people of Polish descent (who may be as late as age 17)- with light hair & skin. Besides, there is no rush to speed up facial hair growth since shaving just ends up being another problem. If you are concerned about short term growth, shaving will not make it grow faster, but the hair will be coarser and more even.

I am 14 years old and no armpit hair or happy trail hair under belly button. is there any way to speed up the growth?


Speed up hair growth and hair restoration services.?

The website does an excellent job summarizing hair growth issues as well as offering suggestions for restoration. They include both medical/surgical solutions as well as natural.

I am a young teen and Im wondering what might help with facial hair growth?

theres nothing you can do to speed theese things up,they take time and facil hair will grow when its ready. theres nothing you can do to speed theese things up,they take time and facil hair will grow when its ready.

How do you grow your hair as quick as possible?

Apart from mating sure that you are eating healthily, there really isn't anything you can do to speed up hair growth. The body will do its thing, at its own pace.

Why does your hair grow thicker when you shave?

Shaving has no affect on hair growing faster. This is a common myth. Below are the reasons this myth began and persistsHair grows in cycles that change with age* Hair grows from the corners of the upper lip, and then forms a complete moustache. Hair then develops on the upper part of the cheeks, and under the lower lip. Hair then spreads to the sides and lower portion of the chin and the growth continues to form a full beard. Facial hair continues to grow coarser, thicker for several years after the onset of puberty; this process varies with each person and can take up to a decade to complete.Hair is dead, shaving does not affect it* By the time hair is what you call hair, the magic is over. Hair is composed mainly of keratin, a mineralized protein, all the growth occurs in the bulb deep in the skin and can not be affected by shaving.Hair tapers as it grows, therefore it appears thicker after shaving* When facial hair is shaved the proximal shaft (portion of hair closet to skin) is thicker, hair naturally tapers with growth. This gives the impression of thicker growth.Stubble: Hair that is freshly shaved is blunted and coarser* Shaving puts an angular bias on hair that to the touch seems like more hair growth. Short fresh cut hair is stiffer due closeness to the follicle, less room for movement. All hair softens when it tapers with growth adding to the misconception thicker growth.Hair becomes lighter has it grows due to sun and chemical exposure* New growth, it is darker because it has not been exposed to the sun and the chemicals of everyday life. When you shave the initial growth is darker, this is naturally perceived has thicker.Perception* Initial growth appears greater because hair grows so slow. You will notice the first few millimeters with further growth the change seems diminished. Baby faced to a five o'clock shadow is a stark change, and then comes peach fuzz, after that change is subtle. * Wishful thinking seems to be the greatest reason this myth persists, you want to see growth so you do.