Does shaving speed up hair growth?


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Shaving has no affect on hair growing faster. The only thing that shaving does with hair is makes it so that when it grows, it looks thicker, due to the angle of the cut that occurs when using a shaver or a razor.


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No, much of it depends on your genes. For example, people of Pakistani descent- with dark hair & skin- often grow beards faster (maybe as early as age 12) than people of Polish descent (who may be as late as age 17)- with light hair & skin. Besides, there is no rush to speed up facial hair growth since shaving just ends up being another problem. If you are concerned about short term growth, shaving will not make it grow faster, but the hair will be coarser and more even.

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You can't really speed it up but it is said shaving thickens it if you mean facial

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By waiting for it to grow naturally.

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Shave the existing hair so it comes back thicker and darker

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You don't. Hair has an established growth rate. You cannot speed it up.

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