Does shaving speed up hair growth?

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Shaving has no affect on hair growing faster. The only thing that shaving does with hair is makes it so that when it grows, it looks thicker, due to the angle of the cut that occurs when using a shaver or a razor.
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Do men shave their pubic hair?

Some do and many don't. It's all your choice. I wouldn't recommend it, though if you try it, use one of the "micro" type trimmers. Razors and shavers can cause nicks and cuts, and are much more prone to leaving you with ingrown hairs and terrible itching! "Micros" aren't perfect, but the best I've f ( Full Answer )

Is there anyway to speed up puberty including the growth of the breasts what food product have estrogen in them?

SPEED UP PUBERTY??? . UNFORTUNATELY THERE IS NO way to speed up puberty and make your penis grow faster. You don't give your age, but remember that EVERYONE is DIFFERENT. Boys go through puberty at all different ages and different rates. All boys worry about not developing quickly enough. They se ( Full Answer )

Is there a product on the market that will inhibit hair growth on a man's head if you are tired of washing conditioning drying combing and but you have to shave every other day?

Answer . There is no hair products that will make hair grow, but, there are products at a good salon (both women and men go to them) that will help keep what hair you have healthy and shiny. The products in the stores are not the best for your hair. If you have enough hair then I suggest you s ( Full Answer )

Speed up hair growth?

Only time or hormone injections will increase facial hair growth. Hormone injections have a serious down-side...things like testicular cancer and premature fusion of your bones' growth plates. Shave your peach fuzz until you are old enough to have a respectable 5-o'clock shadow then let your beard g ( Full Answer )

Does shaving off the scalp hair make any difference in the growth of strong hair?

None whatsoever.. ----. acutually, it will just make it weaker. Think of this, if you wax on a patch of hair multipul times, meaning when i grows back waxing it agian, it just grows lighter and weaker. So if you are going to shave off all your hair, its just going to make it weaker. But if you do ( Full Answer )

How long for a very small amount of marijuana to show up in a hair follicle test on someone with shaved short hair?

Hair sample drug testing can detect all of the major types of drugs, including marijuana, opiates, methamphetamines, PCP, ecstasy, and cocaine. Hair follicle drug testing can detect the trace amounts of illicit substances trapped in the cortex of the hair for up to 90 days after use. And even with s ( Full Answer )

Does shaving increase hair growth?

Yes. After shaving hair will grow longer, thicker and darker. Sobetter to avoid shaving. Consider Laser Hair Removal Treatment. Itis safe and painless.

How can i make my hair grow up to it's maximun speed?

The best way to make hair grow is to take vitamins and eat anutritionally sound diet. Theoretically, a person could use a hairgrowth tonic, but they are costly and have to be reapplied often.

What is shaved ice did it have hair on it before it was shaved?

it cannot be determined when the hair was put on the ice. throw itaway. Seriously, shaved is ice that has been scraped and is in tinypieces, somewhat similar to sleet, though maybe a tad larger bits.It is the ice itself that has been shaved, and no, shaved iceshould never have hair in it. Ice of t ( Full Answer )

What do you use to shave pubic hairs?

answer . You use a normal shaver and use some shaving gel but be very careful you don't cut yourself it would be embarrassing having to get help. Don't use your dads razor though its unhygenic.

How were Jews hair shaved in the Holocaust?

They lined up in a line and the SS Officers shaved off their hair and threw it in a pile to later be used as some sort of product. (coats, mattresses, pillows, etc.) Emberly Nicole

Can you speed up armpit hair growth?

I am wondering the same thing. I myself am 16 and like all boy am going through puberty. I have hair all over my body appart from my armpits and is embarressing when my girlfriend see's me naked. I really don't think there is one but I will let you know what I come across.

Is there any way of speeding up growth?

The best way to speed up growth is to provide the organism with theproper food and growing conditions. It is not always healthy tospeed up growth, although growth hormones can do this. Too rapidgrowth can have long term health effects on the organism.

How do you speed up growth?

Milk has lots of calcium it helps your bones. I always lay down flat and stretch for a few minutes when I wake up and before bed. It might just be my teen growth spurt but that really helped me grow fast.

Is there a natural way to speed up hair growth?

There are natural ways to speed up hair growth. By Applying any Ayurveda Hair oil and making the hair folicles stronger, you can get your hair live for a longer period of time. It is enough if you wash your hair at least one in a week. Try to use your nearest dermatologist [Or a Skin specialist] tha ( Full Answer )

Is there a shampoo for speeding up hair growth that actually works?

Not that I know of, but try daily scalp massages, maybe 5 minutes twice a day. Use firm circular motions over entire scalp. This increases blood flow to scalp and helps hair grow. On average hair grows 1/4 - 1/2 inch a month, not going to get much faster than that.. I have found a shampoo/condition ( Full Answer )

Can you speed up your facial hair growth?

No, much of it depends on your genes. For example, people of Pakistani descent- with dark hair & skin- often grow beards faster (maybe as early as age 12) than people of Polish descent (who may be as late as age 17)- with light hair & skin. Besides, there is no rush to speed up facial hair growth si ( Full Answer )

Is there anything you can do to speed up your breast growth?

_______________________________________________ . You could also try these methods ,each one scientifically proven . 1: Putting on some weight. 2: Massaging the breast into lactation. . 3: Sit down imagine them growing and feel them becoming bigger .. (This effect has been proven). 4: Hormo ( Full Answer )

How do you speed up the growth cycle on tamagotchi v5?

To make your tamagotchi grow you need to play games wih it ,feed it clean it's poop ,give it medicine when it's sick , and heal it,s tooth when it hurts but you can't speed up the growth cycle.

If you shave your head and the hair grows back and without smoking after you shave your head does it show up on a hair follicle test?

It works...You don't have to shave your head but cut your hair really short..Cut all your body hair(including arm pits and legs)2 weeks after you quit drugs..Cut it with clippers this let the new grow back quicker.All the new growth will be clean you must prepare a least 3 weeks before the test to a ( Full Answer )

Can you speed up getting marijuana out your hair?

no your hair is just dead skin cells so you can't speed it up even if you kill more cells. If you are taking a urination test you can drink 2 capfulls of bleach and then eat a pack of dry jello. This will clean your system and put a thin cover through your body making the water absorb less of the we ( Full Answer )

If you shave will the hair get thicker?

I am not sure if you are talking about leg hair or facial hair. But I am a girl, so I only know about leg hair! Well I shave, and when the hair grows back, you would think it would be nice and thin. But that is a lie. The hair grows back thick and black (usually). I Hope this helped!

Can men shave there pubic hair?

Yes! Of course, it's better to shave and trim. It's cleaner, it looks better and it's much more convenient.

Should I shave my pubic hair?

That is entirely up to you. or Removing ones pubic hair is a completely personal decision that someone should be able to make for themselves. But putting a razor to ones lady parts is something you should think about a bit before doing. The re-growth of hair is very itchy and in-grown hairs can ( Full Answer )

Do guys shave their armpit hair?

Most of time they don't. if u saw any guys armpit that wasn't hairy they would probably be gay or a swimmer.

Is this safe to shave pubic hair?

The jurists discussed the proper etiquette of removing the pubic hair and said that it is recommended to start shaving the pubic hair from beneath the navel, and to start on the right hand side, and one should also be concealed from the sight of others when doing this. The reasons behind removing ( Full Answer )

Can you speed up seed growth time in moshi monsters?

no Well you could try signing out and changing the date to tomorrow and signing back in again but if that doesn't work then switch the date to 11:59 and wait a minute(this works on most Pokemon games)then sign back in.If this doesn't work then I'm pretty sure there's no other way to do it.

How do the girls shave the underarm hair?

Just like your legs... Just get a razor and shaving cream {You can also use soap but this is better}. You wet your armpit and put the cream on it. Wet the razor and simply run it over the area while applying light pressure.

Is shaving toe hair bad?

No, if you are a girl you probably already shave all the way up your legs, you probably start at your ankle so I don't see the problem with starting at your foot, once you're at it, you'll simply start a little bit lower from then on. It makes more sense you don't shave your leg at all which is also ( Full Answer )

Does ethylene gas help speed up the growth of plants?

No, a high amount of Ethylene gas will result in stunted growth and flower drop. It does speed up the ripening on the mature fruit. Some growers harvest fruit green then use ethylene gas to artificially ripen the fruit.

How do antibiotics speed up the growth rate in farm animals?

They don't...lack of illness allows animals to maintain a steady growth rate. Proper selection for fast growth rate in a breeding program increase growth rate. The idea in a feeding program is to maintain steady growth through proper nutrition, minimum stress and a clean (not germ free environment). ( Full Answer )

How does the hair dryer speed up evaporation?

It speeds it up by adding more heat, wind, and more surface space. The jet of air pulls off the droplets of water, and increaces the rate of evaporation.

Is there a way to speed up growth on dragon cave?

Yes, there are sites where you can enter your username and then select the Dragon Eggs/hatchlings/Dragons so other people will click them, and so the growth speeds up a lot

What can you do to increase hair growth speed?

There are a number of things you can do to increase hair growth but hair grows on it's on terms, you can perform scalp massages while your hair is wet or dry. You can add some essential oils to your shampoos while you are shampooing your hair to increase the blood flow in your scalp and to encourage ( Full Answer )