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Did man really come from monkeys?

Man was created by God. Since the time of Darwin, evolutionary scientists have been trying to find the "missing link" that will prove man came from monkeys. To date, that has not been found. The only source to suggest anything to do with man's origin remains the Bible, which clearly states that ma ( Full Answer )

Where does the concept of the trinity really come from?

Trinty comes from the Biblical term of the Father, Son and Holy Sprit being together as one. Answer: If you literally translate the word into English, it would be: 1 + 1 + 1 = 1 so since this would make no sense I assume the translators had to come up with a better way to explain it.

Is there really a webkinz butterfly coming out?

Sorry, but no one knows except GANZ. Check for news. The butterfly was put in a survey in July 07, so it could've won the most votes.

When is 'Twilight' really coming out?

Twilight came out to DVD on March 21st, 2009. If you are talking about the theater release date, that was on November 21, 2008. Twilight came out already. It came out on Nov. 21 2008

Can wishes really come true?

Yes. With the necessary will power you can make your wildest dreams come true. I sincerely recommend watching "The Secret". You will know how to achieve your dreams and wishes.

Will the world really come to an end?

yes probbley but not will probbley end in 100000 . yes probbley but not will probbley end in 100000 . .... .. .. .. yes, there are many prophecies in the bible pertaining to the end of times, matthew, daniel, timothy, revelations are just some. if you want then read them. " and ( Full Answer )

Where does the boogeyman really come from?

Phoenix, Arizona. ANSWER . The word bogey is linked to many similar words in other European languages, which may be cognates; púca, pooka or pookha (Irish Gaelic), pwca, bwga or bwgan (Welsh), puki (Old Norse), pixie or piskie (Cornish), puck (English), bogu (Slavonic). In Ireland they we ( Full Answer )

Do love really come from the heart?

Answer . No it comes from the brain. Metaphorically speaking it comes from the heart because when people say I love you or talk about love they use the heart as the symbol.

Where did Halloween really come from?

During the protestant reformations the leaders of the new churches used ridicule and mockery of the then Christian faith (Catholicism of today) to bolster adherents to the new religion. During the first 1500 years of the Christian religion, All Souls Day was one of the major feasts of the church. ( Full Answer )

Is InuYasha really coming out in 2009?

InuYasha (TV) went from October 16, 2000 - September 13, 2004. Airing 1 -167 episodes. Now they are going to be showing the new episodes, witch the anime will be called "InuYasha Kanketsu-hen(TV)"(English Translation)"InuYasha:The Final Act" in October 2009

When will PS4 really come out?

playstation 4 should be out in 2016 sony wants to have a 10 year cycle for the PlayStation 4 PlayStation 3 came out on November 11, 2006 so by the time it's 2016 it would of passed it's 10 year cycle.. Yes

Do boomerangs really come back?

Some do and some don't. It all depends on if it was designed tocome back. . The original purpose of boomerangs was to simply injure prey andstop them in their tracks. Returning boomerangs were largely usedfor herding animals into traps, or killing birds, and they had tobe thrown with the correct t ( Full Answer )

Is Jesus really coming back?

A: No. There have been literally hundreds of prophecies of the return of Jesus and none of them ever came true, yet people continue to yearn for his return. Strangely, after some two thousand years, these yearnings and expectations are always that Jesus will return within the present generation. ( Full Answer )

Did Jesus really come to earth?

There is considerable debate as to whether Jesus really existed. Some scholars note that Paul, who should have been a younger contemporary of Jesus, did not seem to realise that Jesus was a person who had lived in Palestine in the recent past. Historians take the view that if a person was mentioned ( Full Answer )

Can your wish really come true?

If what you are wishing for is within the realm of possibility,yes. But simply wishing for something won't make it happen. Itcould happen by chance, or it could happen because of something youdo. Things get done by action, not wanting.

Is God really coming to this world?

God is already here. Another answer: . I f\nyou mean, Is God/Jesus Christ really coming the 2nd time around to this world? \nthen my answer is yes, his 2nd coming is soon approaching to judge his \npeople.

Is Titanic 2 really coming out?

There is a movie called Titanic II that came out in 2010, but it's not a sequel to the original Titanic from 1997.

Did the chupacabre really come from Mexico?

No. The legend originally came from Puerto Rico, as the sightings of the creature were first reported there. http:/

How can dreams really come true?

hi, . I'm Pamela turner, I'm 14 and a girl.. i do be-leave our dreams come true because we be-leave in them so.. when you dream, some-time's you're mind Tell's you its real witch makes you be-leave it is, but may not be.. you may dream something that had already happened, if so its real.. how ( Full Answer )

Did humans really come from apes?

No our ancestors did not come from apes, but humans and apes have a common ancestor, then at that point it split into two branches which are the apes and humans.

Did Titanic movie really come out?

The question is unclear. Many movies have been made about the sinking of the Titanic; most famously the James Cameron version in 1997.

Do free PSPs really come?

Unless you won it at a contest or as part of a giveaway draw, no; you were probably scammed. It really depends how you're getting the item. If someone just randomly comes up to you and says that they'll give you something for free without you doing anything, it's probably a scam.

Where does a soccet ball really come from?

If you mean a soccer ball the ancient Chinese soldiers used to play a game that is like modern soccer. except thaat they used a pig's bladder blown up as a soccer ball.

Is Tord really coming back?

I looked and it said that it would be unlikley edd said it himself im sry and i dont like it either

Did Hitler really come from Germany?

No, he was born in Austria, whci is hypocritical since he preached that the Aryan race was the best - yet he did not fit the part.

What is it that you're really after when it comes to love?

What a great question! There may be as many answers as there are people looking for love, but here are some thoughts. . Companionship. I think humans are built to seek out one primary companion with whom we can have fun. . Intimacy. Like companionship, we're wired for this. We like to have one per ( Full Answer )

Do dreams really come from God?

Most dreams [which are imanginary dreams] don't come from God. but God speaks to people in a dream. God gives dreams to people, even people who don't know about him. God gave Joseph a gift to explain what the dreams meant. and his inerpetations became right, the egyptians knew God had given Joseph a ( Full Answer )

Is ssbb 2 really coming out?

what do u thin i am a genius well for more info the companys phone number is 188 453 5643

Where do dogs really come from?

Dogs could have developed from wild animals such as wolves just as house cats may have developed from larger cats such as lions. Ultimately, though, god created all creatures.

Did aliens really come to earth?

People who think they have seen UFOs have only seen something in the air that they can't identify. Just because they can't explain what they've seen does not mean it is an alien space ship. Although many people equate UFOs as something from outer space, there has never been any credible proof that ( Full Answer )

Is facebook really coming to an end?

my freind said that two but i dont belive it its ok for me . No. This is not true and was reported on the weekly world news site: . CEO Mark Zuckerberg claims that "managing [Facebook] has ruined my life. I need to put an end to all the madness.". This is not correct as the quote has been ( Full Answer )

Will the rock really come back?

He is back right now, but im not sure if he is going to stay on Raw and wrestle. I think he will end up wrestling John cena at wrestle mania.

Is gta 5 really coming out?

It will probably come out somewhere in 2012 and people have found out some leaked information about it so we are all hoping soon as possible

Is the xbox 720 really coming out?

Yes but we do not know when the Xbox 720 will arrive. It is currently in development, but it could take several years to complete. It is likely we will see it's official announcement at E3 within a year or two.

Do germs really come from Germany?

The word 'germ' and 'Germany' are unrelated. Germs are ubiquitous on our planet and in important part of the biosphere of the planet. People from Germany are referred to as "Germans".

What did the word redneck really come from?

There is no definitive answer to this. It is thought that is was applied to describe those poor white workers who labored in the fields in Georgia and other southern states. It is also attributed to miners who were members of a union and that would wear red scarves around their necks so they could e ( Full Answer )

Where did it really come from?

To determine where something came from, you will need to knowexactly what it is. If it is an store-purchased object, you can usethe manufacturer and product model number or barcode to determineexactly where it was made or came from.